Ep74 – The Easiest Way to Make Your First Sale

Ep74 – The Easiest Way to Make Your First Sale

Did you know that most people who try to start an online business rarely make a living?

In fact, most people struggle to even make a sale!

So they ultimately give up and assume this whole “online business” thang is a sham.

But not you!

Oh no!

You’re different and you are going to make that first sale (if you haven’t already) and we are going to make damn sure of it!


Oh you know, just by breaking down one of the easiest ways to make your first sale online!

And we’re not just breaking that down, but we’re also going to outline a handy little sales funnel you can use to start converting whatever traffic or prospects you get into paying customers.

Because it’s totally possible, and you can absolutely do this.

So let’s cut the chit chat and get into it, shall we?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why making your first sale is SO important – and it’s not what you think
  • How Josh made his first sale online – and it’s not the goldfish book
  • We’re breaking down what the KYSS method is all about
  • Why you should be spying on your competitors
  • What the heck is a lead magnet and why do you need one
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your lead magnet
  • Why you need to start thinking up an Introductory Offer
  • The importance of “upgrading” your customers with a Core Offer
  • How to find your first customer

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5 thoughts on “Ep74 – The Easiest Way to Make Your First Sale”

  1. Great episode you guys! I loved the content, the tips… all of it. The Book tip at the end (Ryan Deiss), actually being intro offer tripwire, was great to point out. Thanks.


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