How To Get More Done Inside Your Group (in Less Time) with Facebook Group Tools

How To Get More Done Inside Your Group (in Less Time) with Facebook Group Tools

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could save time, gain flexibility and still see results?

Raise your hand if that sounds like a good idea

*throws her hand in the air like she just don’t care*

As entrepreneurs, we can’t afford to invest our time in activities that just aren’t serving a purpose for our business.

We need to focus on high leverage tasks that are actually growing our business.

Which means we need to be able to track progress and offload time consuming tasks.

So maybe you’re wondering how you can do that with a Facebook Group.

Well you’re in luck because I’m dishing all the deets on our top three Facebook Group tools that will help you automate, track and tweak your group for the best possible results.

Facebook Group Insights for Admins

Insights for Facebook Groups were rolled out in mid 2017 and have become a total game changer for us.

Before this, Facebook Group metrics were hard to come by. Apart from a few third party apps, it was impossible to track and measure progress.

Thanks to the new analytics for Facebook Groups we can now see metrics like:

  • Membership growth percentage
  • Posts, comments and reactions across different time periods
  • Most active time and date for engagement in group
  • Most liked posts and comments
  • Top contributors for the past 28 days
  • Member breakdown by age and gender

We use Insights to seek out and nurture our top contributors because we’ve found this to be stupid effective at building member loyalty.

We’ve also completely tweaked our posting times based off these analytics as we’re able to know for certain when our members are most engaged, allowing us to plan and schedule our posts around those times!

It’s strategic posting at its finest.

But it’s not just Insights you have at your disposal.

We also love…

Grytics for Facebook Groups

Remember how I said there were only a few 3rd party apps before Facebook rolled out their Insights? Well, Grytics was one of those.

Grytics offers analytics for Facebook Groups (and is one of our fave Facebook group tools) by tracking several key metrics like top contributors, best times to post and the most popular content that has been posted by members.

The only problem here is now FB offers these same metrics with their own native Insights for Facebook Group and it’s free.

That’s not to say that Grytics doesn’t still have a place though.

Unlike Facebook Insights, Grytics curates regular reports that you can comb through when deep diving into analytics for market research.

It also helps you identify groups similar to yours so you can broaden your reach.

How cool is that?

And did we mention it lets you manage all of your groups in one place? This is perfect if you are running more than one group and need to keep up on things, or if you’re managing a group as a service provider.  

Obviously we dig Grytics because it offers a more robust knowledge base than Facebook’s Insights, but if you’re on a budget, Insights should be all the analytics for Facebook Groups that you need.

Meet Edgar for Facebook Groups

Let’s be honest, updating your group could be a full time job.

When I first launched the first free Screw group, I spent at least 4 hours in it each day.

At least.

Now, when you’re trying to grow a business is that really the most effective use of your time?


The answer is a resounding “no.”

But since you need to show up to get your group off the ground, there is one tool that can help you automate it.

Meet Edgar.

Meet Edgar is an automated social media management tool that integrates into your Facebook Group and posts for you.

All you have to do is spend an hour or two loading in a ton of content and then Edgar does the rest.

Now, it’s important that you spend the time locking in your content because Edgar recycles content to give it the most exposure.

Anyone can utilize MeetEdgar, but it’s definitely best if you have a bit of a budget to play with. The app costs $49 per month, however you can connect up to 10 social media accounts and 1000 pieces of content to share.

This is mad helpful if you’re setting up themed posts, trying to pimp out older pieces of content that you think will have value in your Facebook Group and of course, save you tedium of doing this manually.  Every. Single. Day.

BUT before you race over and snatch up an Edgar account, know that you can now schedule your Facebook group posts natively inside Facebook using their custom scheduler.

It’s what I now use (after using Edgar for 2 years inside my group) and it works just as well.

The ONLY hiccup is you can’t recycle your content.

Once it’s posted, it’s posted and you will need to schedule another batch once your existing round is done.

However, if that doesn’t matter to you (and it doesn’t to me…I have someone on our team do it), then it is a free and useful alternative to Meet Edgar.


Speaking of a sweet score…

One of the most underrated tools in using groups is getting your hands dirty and joining other Facebook Groups for business, marketing and entrepreneurship in general.

These groups can be invaluable in networking and making new connections.

Plus, they also offer a space outside of your own FB group to ask for advice, feedback and mentorship.

To help you cut through the noise of alllllllll the different Facebook Groups for business there are, we’ve curated a short but sweet list of our absolute fave groups that all entrepreneurs can benefit from.

Allow me to introduce you to…

The Top 5 Facebook Groups For Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Real talk: There are a LOT of groups on FB that cater to the online entrepreneur.

Some are awesome. Some, not so much.

To save you the time and mental anguish of figuring out how to find Facebook Groups to join, here are 5 of our favourite Facebook groups to join for business.

#5: Millennial Entrepreneur Community

Arne Giske, creator of the Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, started this group nearly 2 years ago with the intention of connecting rookies, established entrepreneurs and even those who are still dreaming of ditching their 9-5.

Facebook groups for business

With almost 50,000 members (yeah, seriously!) there is a ton of value if you pick through some of the noise. Promos are permitted on a case by case scenario, but only if you are a top contributor.

Moral of the story? It pays to be present, authentically network, connect, contribute, give more than you take and be active in that group!

You can check it out here.

#4: Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher

Caitlin Bacher is a badass lady boss who has made it her mission to help others establish and grow their own Facebook groups for business.

Facebook group marketing

Her group has grown consistently over the past 3 years and members are super active and chatty.

With tons of advice and feedback to learn from on growing your own group, this is a must-join group if you do want to start and grow your own FB group.

Just don’t expect to promote yourself!

Pitches and promos will be deleted immediately, which means you’re definitely going to want to read the group rules on this one.

Learn more about Social Boss here.

#3: Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

Though smaller than the last two communities I mentioned, this particular group is wildly active and super structured.

Facebook marketing

The group admins Hannah and Nathan follow a theme post structure and request that all members keep their q’s until the appropriate theme day.

Now from a moderation point of view this sounds like a nightmare, but it makes it super easy to get detailed and constructive conversations flowing.

And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about!

Check out this crew here.

#2: The Coaching Jungle

If you run a coaching based business then this group is definitely for you!

Facebook marketing

The Coaching Jungle was started by our buddy, Mark Mawhinney from Natural Born Coaches.

Though 10k is still a ton of people, there is a “tight knit” community feel that makes it easy to ask Q’s and get genuine, thoughtful feedback from Mark and the rest of the members.

You’ll even see one Joshua Stanton in the member list!

Oh la la!

Again, no shameless promos allowed in this group. This community is strictly for learning, connecting and networking with your fellow coaches.

Intrigued? Give ‘er a whirl here.

#1: Legendary Marketer

In need of a few new marketing tips? Kickstarted by David Sharpe, the focus here is…you guessed it…marketing!

Facebook groups for business

Members are hyperactive in this group so there’s lots of opportunity to pick up tips, tricks and throw down some mad knowledge of your own!

If you’re new to marketing your business online then you will absolutely find a few nuggets of wisdom that you can implement into your business.

Need some of that? Get in on the action here!

The NEW Screw the Nine to Five Community

Now I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I’mma have to make an exception here.

Facebook groups

I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw our little slice of the internet onto this list.

We have worked hard over the last three years to build an amazing and supportive community of entrepreneurs who show up daily and offer SO. MUCH. VALUE.

We’re engaged, committed and enthusiastic about all things business and welcome every new member into the group with arms wide open.

If you’re looking for a community that will give more than they take, then this is the one for you.

Come join us and the rest of the Scroupies here!

Craving more groups?

Take a spin through this monster list of groups created by Wendy Maynard from the Group, Profitable Online Entrepreneurs.

Facebook marketing

She’s even broken it down by group size and promo days.

*prayer hands*

Now it’s your turn!

Tell me: Now that you’ve gone through this holy-hell-was-that-really-free free guide, what is ONE strategy you are going to implement in your group straight away?

Break it down for me in the comments below.

And if you’re craving more in-depth FB Group strategies that are having a monumental impact on our Group and business, take a spin through this page and get access to our most up-to-date and advanced training on Facebook Groups packed with strategies we haven’t taught anywhere else online!

Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “How To Get More Done Inside Your Group (in Less Time) with Facebook Group Tools”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have run a couple of FB groups supporting families living with dementia and have struggled to keep up with it. The groups are lovely but many haven’t been in a group before and it’s taken time to nurture their relationships and increase participation. And, I need as I move add coaching alongside my not-for-profit work. I’ve taken a ton of notes and will make themed posts my first steps forward.

    These group members are known to me and it’s a closed group. I would love to kickstart a larger public group but am struggling with how to start a group with just one member. (Scratching chin here.) Any tips would be very welcome.

  2. Hello Jill,

    I just binge-read these seven chapters and will implement plenty I guess. Lots of value in my opinion.
    My group and business is about helping cat owners make better cat photos..
    I was just wondering why aren’t more comments here in the comments section?
    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. This is absolutely amazing content, thank you so much Jill. So glad I found you and Joe – which, by the way, was via the “Rise to the Top” podcast with DSG – that’s still a great brand-building/ KLT tool!

    I’ve run a FB group for about 2 1/2 years but didn’t even know about the Insights thing.
    I am going to go look at it right now!

    Thanks again – you are absolutely practising what you preach with this content.


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