Do You Have A Facebook-Group? Start Asking Your Members These 3 Facebook Group Questions

Do You Have A Facebook-Group? Start Asking Your Members These 3 Facebook Group Questions

Imagine this: 

You’re throwing a party.

A fancy one.

All your customers, advisors, colleagues and mentors will be there. 

Some of your biggest idols. 

Even mothereffing Oprah. 

You haven’t met her yet, aaand you’re getting kind of nervous. This party needs to be a success. 

The day of the party you decide to send Oprah an e-mail to make sure everythings okay. 

“Hi Oprah,

So happy you decided to come to my party! 

Before I let you in, I have to make sure that you read my party-rules, though.
They’re like, super important, and I just wanna let you know, that if you break any of them you will get kicked out of the party. Immediately.

We don’t have time for troublemakers, Miss Winfrey. 

In fact, we’re here to have a good time. So if you wouldn’t mind just promising me that you’re going to behave, and have fun, that would be awesome. Please reply to this e-mail with a “YES I PROMISE TO BEHAVE”, otherwise I  will have to retract your invitation. 

Oh, and one last thing: can i just go ahead and sign you up for my newsletter? 

Love you, 
Bye “

Does this sound like the worst idea ever? 

Yes. Yes, it does. 

In fact, my shoulders still hurt from cringing so hard. 

But WHY do most Community Leaders insist on sending out that exact same vibe to new members joining their community? 

This email represents what 90% of community leaders use the “3 Facebook group questions” feature for. 

I’ve even done it myself. Many times.

First impressions matter. 

How you show up matters. 

How you greet your tribe matters. 

So let’s dive into how to use the “3 Facebook group questions” – feature in a way that will make your members instantly connect with your intention for your group. 

Question #1: Help them acknowledge they have a problem

Or a desire. 

Or a want, need, wish. 

Using this question to help your members reflect on their current situation is so DAMN powerful.

But it can be challenging for some people. 

In fact – this question will scare will scare some people off…so be ready for that!

But not the ones you actually WANT in you group. 

We’re all guilty of occasionally doing the zombie-scroll on Facebook, so as community builders we’re always looking for ways to get our members to snap out of zombie-mode, and help them make conscious decisions. 

You want your group to be filled with members who actively made the decision to be there, and who genuinely want to go on the transformational journey your group actually is!

That’s what question #1 is designed to build. 

The Facebook Group question needs to be:

  • Helping your members reflect and assess their current situation
  • Hyperspecific to your members current challenges 
  • Written in a tone of voice your members will connect with

This is not a “one size fits all”, so you’ll have to add your own secret sauce to make it awesome AF.

Example Facebook Group Questions:

“On a scale from 0-10, how much do you struggle with [insert your thing]”

“What’s your current biggest challenge when it comes to [insert you thing]”

“What mistakes do you typically make when it comes to [insert your thing]”

“How often do you think about [insert your thing]”

Question #2:  Help them acknowledge that you might be the solution

Noooow we’re getting somewhere!

Creating those massive transformations for our audience, y’all!

I’ve helped build hundreds of Facebook groups (wait, did I just out myself as a nerd?) 

Well, i am. 

So what. 


And in building these communities, I’ve found that when you use these Facebook Group questions right, your members will arrive in the group with a totally different energy! 

Ready to do the work, ready to connect with the community and, as we’ll get to in a minute, recognize (and love!) you as the mighty community leader. 

We’ve all had members showing up in our communities with a big fat no-can-do-attitude.


I find that this question helps eliminate that attitude before they even enter, or at least repel some of them. 

This question is designed to help our members get a positive impression of what our group has to offer. And for you to learn more about what new members look for in your group (yay, marketing!)

One might even call it an explainabrag. [An explanation that explains something, but  at the same time braggingabout it.]

This question needs to be:

  • Helping your members put into words what they need from the community.
  • Either listing some of the cool things they can find in your community…
  • … or letting them know that they have the opportunity to be co-creating the community with you.

Example Facebook Group Questions:

“What do you think will be a gamechanger in achieving [insert outcome]  for you in this group: the community, the live QnA’s, the masterclasses or live meetups”

“If you could win one hour coaching from me, what would you ask me?” 

“What are you looking forward to give to this group?” 

Question #3: Call To Action

Remember when we talked about establishing you as the community leader? 

Well, I have a controversial statement coming right up, so please fasten your seatbelt (they put seatbelts on armchairs and desk chairs these days, right?

If your members don’t know that you’re the one running the show, you don’t have a community. You have a group. 

You need to own your position as community leader in your group. 

And it begins with the “3 questions” feature. 

Because the magic of the third question is realllll:

  • It helps you build your list
  • It gives the new members way more value than they had anticipated 
  • It positions you as the boss (and super competent)

Example Facebook Group Question:

Would you like to receive our wildly popular course/book/training/session [insert the title of your thing, and for the love of god – make sure the title is ah-mah-zing and tempting]  for absolutely free? Write your email below, and we’ll send it to you. You’ll be added to our newsletter as well. 

If you really work on the copy for this last one, you will leave your members feeling PSYCHED to be a part of your inner circle. 

Using this method, you can actually get 80-90% of your members to join your list.

Which is crucial if we ever want to monetize our groups, or if the wrath of social media should descend upon us and delete our group.  

But there’s a catch. 

If you’re serious about building a group, (which I hope you are, because it can become the best marketing platform for your business, if you do it right) then you need to invest in it by giving your members some exclusive content. 

So in question 3, don’t offer them the same old freebie you have floating around everywhere online. Give them something new, exciting, exclusive and tempting. 

Show them that you value their initiative to join your group. 

And see that list grow like a mothereffer. 

First Impressions Matter

Growing your community begins at “hello”.

But the tricky part of this new thingy called the world wide web, is that your “hello” and your members “hello” doesn’t happen simultaneously. 

Their first impression of you could be every (clap-emoji) single (clap-emoji) thing (clap-emoji) you put out there. 

Yes, even the weird photos of your dinner.

Yes, even that picture of you crying at a meet’n’greet with american pop rock band Hanson (true story #fanson)  

And yes, even the 3 Facebook Group questions members must answer to be part of your tribe. 

Your community will mirror the emotions and energy you show up with, so why not show up happy? Supportive? Generous? 

It’s on you to do the work, so that when your members come to greet you, they get a heeeeell of a hello back. 

How you show up matters! 

Thanks for reading.

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