3 Strategies to Up Your Facebook Group Marketing Game

3 Strategies to Up Your Facebook Group Marketing Game

(This post is part of our Unconventional Guide to Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups for Business. If you want to get your hands on all the chapters, click here!

Here’s the thing: If you’re a smart and strategic entrepreneur, you aren’t creating a Facebook Group just for the hell of it.

Ohhhhh hell no.

Instead, you are creating it to serve a purpose.

To connect members of your community.

To help them expand.

To make them feel seen, heard and acknowledged.

To give them a place to belong.

To build your brand awareness.

To create a cozy Facebook Group marketing channel for your business that doesn’t feel like a marketing channel.

And of course, to propel your business forward, faster.

Which means you’re going to be marketing inside your community.


I know. The idea of “marketing” is something a lot of entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with.


Because a powerful marketing strategy is like a budding new relationship.

It requires courting, and thoughtfulness.

And time.

Like any good relationship, you gotta kick things off on the right foot.

You gotta romance them.

Make them feel important and cherished.

Provide them with a safe harbour to grow.


And yes, ideally you wanna bring it all home with a sweet, sweet sale or two…or ten.

Now if you’re thinking “but I don’t want to piss off my members”, hear me out…

The key to marketing and selling inside your Facebook Group is finding the right balance between nurturing your community and marketing your business.

There’s a very fine line between indulgent self-promo and effective marketing.

Especially when you’re trying to facilitate an engaged community.

Fortunately, it’s totally possible to do this in a way that doesn’t feel pushy, salesy or desperate.

Let’s jam on 3 of our tried and true marketing strategies for your Facebook group.

#1: Facebook Live in Groups

I can’t say it enough…

Facebook Live is one of the easiest ways to authentically connect with your members in real time.

Meaning it’s the perfect platform for warming things up before revving that marketing engine.

Facebook Lives are a great place to start if you want to dish out high-impact content that builds trust and rocks your members’ worlds.

Best of all there are several marketing strategies you can test out.

Here’s a few off the top of my head…

Strategy #1 — Weekly Live Broadcast

If you’re wanting to make Facebook Live a big part of your engagement and marketing strategy, there is no better way to do this than through a broadcast done on the same day and time each week.

Josh and I did this back in 2017 and found it to be wildly effective for not only drumming up engagement, but for leading members into our funnels from our FB Lives.

(More on that coming up!)

What’s more is we actually hosted our Lives on our Page and shared them into our Group, allowing us to add each and every group member who watched our Live video (for more than 3 seconds) to our “video views” FB ad audience—something that can only be done (as of now) from a FB Page.

From there, we would then retarget anyone who watched our FB Live with whatever freebie we had for that broadcast, ultimately building our email list in an engaging and high-value way.

Know what else we used these weekly live broadcasts for?

To sell our products and programs.


By subtly mentioning them throughout our broadcasts.

For example, if we’re jamming on “how to grow your own Facebook group” we would mention our Facebook Groups training, Create Awesome FB Groups because it’s relevant to the topic we were talking about.

And without fail, after each broadcast not only would our list grow but we would always pick up a few sales!

Best of all, it never felt salesy and it never pissed off any members.


Strategy #2 — Partner Up and Promote Another Entrepreneur

One of our faaavvvourite forms of revenue in any business we’ve ever run is affiliate revenue.


Because it’s high leverage and there is little to no fulfillment or customer support on your end.

Now, it may feel counterintuitive to be using Facebook Groups promote another business’ product, program or service when you’re trying to sell your own stuff, but affiliate promotions are mutually beneficial.


Because let’s face it: There are going to be needs your audience has that you either cannot meet or don’t want to cater to.

By promoting someone else’s offer to your community, it allows you to serve that need AND get paid a commission in the process!


Plus, it allows you to build strategic partnerships and relationships with other influencers in your space!

We’ve done this with promotions for Stu McLaren’s Tribe course, James Wedmore’s Business By Design program and Amy Porterfield’s free masterclass for her program, Webinars That Convert—all of which included FB Live Q & A sessions streamed into my group that generated over $324,000 between the 3 promotions.

Just make sure you don’t just  align yourself with any ol’ sponsor or affiliate because they’re paying cash.

Instead, only promote the people and products you either personally use or believe in.

Otherwise you can start to chip away at your credibility.

And really, no one wants that.

Strategy #3 — Host Exclusive Workshops or Trainings

Now, this marketing strategy can be potent if your business offers any kind of training or coaching.

Think about it…

One of the greatest appeals for joining a business membership group or a coaching program is to get exclusive insights, results-driven training or access to the facilitator or coach.

Well, thanks to FB Live, you can now mimic this process without having to invest in an external livestreaming platform like Zoom (our go-to platform), GoTo Webinar or any other webinar software to deliver your training live to your members.

Instead, you can go live with your members inside your group, share your screen, talk them through your content and answer their questions in real time.

From there you can pin the replay to the top of your group, send an email to anyone who may have missed the broadcast (with a link to the replay) and even keep a running list of the different lives you’ve done (with titles, descriptions and timestamps if you’re feeling extra daring) using the “Files” function inside your group.

Now, while this is a low-bandwidth and easy way to run any kind of group program, I haaaaave to call out the elephant in the room and mention the risk…

What is it?

That at any time Facebook can change the rules without warning.

So always use your best judgement when it comes to any paid offerings you may be housing inside a Facebook group.

#2: Facebook Group Funnels

Hands down this is one of the most deadly-effective Facebook group marketing strategies we rely on for selling inside our group without our members feeling sold to in the slightest.

Now I break down this entire process in waaaaaaay more nitty gritty detail over in this post, but here is the basic gist of how we use Facebook Group marketing and sales funnels inside our group.

Step 1: Run a Poll

Honestly, this is always our starting point each and every time we go to create a new funnel in our business.

And we do it for 2 reasons:

The first being it builds mad engagement (as we’ve already discussed in the previous chapter) and the second is it allows us to pinpoint exactly what our members want to learn about.

Which means we get to kiss the guesswork buh-bye and only create what people want.

Here’s an example of a poll I ran a couple months back that provided huuuuuge insight for us!


Because we were expecting an entirely different result!

Ahhhhh market research, I love you!

Facebook marketing
Facebook groups are the easiest way to uncover what content your audience wants

Once our poll has run for a few days, we then move onto the next step.

What is it?

Step 2: Create Your Read Magnet

“Wait. What the eff is a read magnet?” is what I assume you just said in your head.

And I get it.

Most people expect funnels to play out like this:

Lead magnet > pitch > followup sequence > urgency and pitch > nurture

But not our funnels.

Instead, we kick things off with some high-impact free content.

This post you’re reading right now is an example of one in action.

As is this post.

And this post.

And this post.

The point is we frontload our funnels with free content that is hyper-specific to the topic people just voted on.

From there, we dive into creating our next step lead magnet.

But not just any lead magnet…

Step 3: Create a Congruent Lead Magnet

Yep. It’s all about keeping it congruent with this strategy.

And here’s what I mean by that….

Since we’re creating topic-specific sales funnels, we want to make the next step (a.k.a. signing up for our lead magnet) as much of a no-brainer as possible.

That means your lead magnet needs to be hyper-relevant to the topic of the post they just read.

So, using our sales funnel on sales funnels you can see that my Read Magnet is all about creating a dangerously-effective sales funnel and my lead magnet is the chance to “steal my emails” that we use inside our sales funnels.

Why did we choose this as our lead magnet?

Because we kept hearing from people that they didn’t know what to say in their emails to get the sale.

And since we do, it was a no-brainer offer.

Do you see how there is no disruption to the flow between the read magnet and the lead magnet?

It all makes sense. It all flows.

So not only are we serving our members with actionable content, but we’re building our list and gearing up to turn our free group members into paying customers.


Step 4: Create a Value-Driven One-Time Offer

This is where you get the chance to cash in on the good will you’ve built inside your group and use it to convert free members into paying customers.

Here’s how we do it.

Again, using this post as an example, if you were to sign up for that lead magnet you would see that once you submit your details you are brought to a page that looks like another blogpost.

Facebook group marketing

Because it basically is.

What I mean is, we use that page to give even more high-impact content to our now subscriber and teach them yet another tip that is relevant to the topic of that funnel.

In the case of that sales funnel post, it’s a blogpost around the power of creating genuine scarcity inside automated funnels.

What’s more is the blogpost segues seamlessly into a pitch for our program, Perfect Sales Funnel that we offer at a discount for 20 minutes.


Because we love action-takers and we want to reward those who make a decision to buy right then and there.

If they don’t, totally cool.

We simply follow up with a select few emails and give them another chance to purchase, but at a higher price.

If they still don’t buy, totally cool.

We move them into our “nurture list” where they will receive weekly content, free training and any insights we may share.

Now does eeevvveeerrrryyyyone love this approach?


But it works for us and it converts and it allows us to elevate the relationship with our free members to paying customers, get them results and build customer loyalty.

And to us, that’s a massive win!

#3: Facebook Ads for Groups

Alright, there is one final marketing strategy you can use if you’re building a Facebook group for business and that, my friends, is Facebook ads.

Now, at the time of me writing this (March 2018), you can’t actually run ads to your group members….yet.

However, here is a handy workaround we have used to be able to target our group members with ads…

Actually, I have two.

  1. Sharing videos from your Facebook business page into your group
  2. Sending your group members to a pixelled landing page

Allow me to break ‘em down.

As I mentioned a few hundred lines up in the section on Facebook Lives, one of the easiest ways to be able to target your group members with Facebook ads is to either record a video, upload it to your page and share it into your group…

Or go live on your Facebook Page and share the stream into your group.

Here’s why it works:

If any of your group members watches a video from your Page for more than 3 seconds, they will automatically be added into your “video views” audience which you can use to target with Facebook ads.

We’ve done this soooo many times and each time it works.

*fist pump*

The second way?

Send your group members to a landing page in order to get something.

I did this back in late 2017 for a bootcamp we were running called In The Black Bootcamp and in the lead up to my pre-launch promotion I decided to open up a “pop up group” which would be free to join for a month before the bootcamp kicked off.

Inside that group I hosted masterclasses, group-only Q & As and had a whole bunch of conversation sparking posts lined up that had members taking action on specific tasks in their business.

However, in order to join the group, they had to hit a landing page which had the link to the pop up group as well as info on what to expect for each of the free masterclasses and group-only Q & A sessions.

It worked beautifully and allowed me to add a few thousand people to our ad audience with a few simple posts and videos to our main free group.

Now do you have to run a pop up group to be able to do this?

Helllll no.

Instead, it could be any kind of freebie:

  • A checklist
  • A webinar
  • A free video series
  • An ebook
  • A simple download
  • A free meet up
  • A chance to sign up for a free call with you

Whatever your heart desires!

The key is simply creating a page people can go to in order to get something of high value for free.

Oh, and making sure you have your pixel placed on that page!

That’s kind of a big deal.


Phew! That was a lot!

Now? Let’s jam on one thing every entrepreneur loves and needs more of…

Time-saving tools to help you manage your group efficiently and ensure your efforts are paying off.

That’s all going down inside Chapter 7.

Craving more in-depth FB Group strategies that are having a monumental impact on our Group and business?

Take a spin through this page and get access to our most up-to-date and advanced training on Facebook Groups packed with strategies we haven’t taught anywhere else online!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. It’s amazing … really great help Jill Stanton! Thank you so much! I just want to ask whether if I buy Facebook likes it will help me advertise on my Facebook page and generally develop my profile?

    • Good question. It used to be a good strategy, however now those like are almost worthless as the organic reach of Facebook pages is extremely low at less than 3% on average. I would say a better strategy is to create great video content for Facebook and run ads to build an awareness audience based on 10 second video views.


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