[EP 06] 5 Essential Things Every Online Business Needs

[EP 06] 5 Essential Things Every Online Business Needs

I’m not going to lie, when Josh and I started out with our first affiliate site we made a LOT of mistakes: From the theme we used for our website to our reluctance to create a newsletter, the lack of a cohesive “voice” to shoddy promotion strategies, we made nearly every single mistake you could make with that one little website.

Fast-forward to today and it is one of our biggest and most active websites in our arsenal, and we are incredibly grateful to have stumbled along and made a whole slew of mistakes right up front.


Listen to this episode to find out now.

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  1. Wow, what a super dense podcast! Tons of awesome information here. What I liked most is the automation of the SOP! I also am a big supporter of Asana so awesome mention. If you are reading this and aren’t using Asana to manage your daily tasks, get on it right away. It’s free!

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