[EP 18] 4 Environmental Factors that Breed Success

[EP 18] 4 Environmental Factors that Breed Success

Good lawdddd, I need to get something off my chest.

Not long ago Josh and I landed in North America for some quality famjam time after a year and a half in Asia. Besides the obvious cultural and climate changes (hot damn, it was freeeeeeezing!), one of the first things we noticed was how soul sucking Toronto was for our productivity and mindset.

Now, we don’t want to harp on 9-5’ers or sound harsh, but being surrounded by those who are locked into the corporate world never seem to understand what it’s like when you’re running an online business. Again, it’s not their fault, but it is incredibly detrimental when you’re trying to keep the momentum going in your business.

Our short stay in Toronto really exemplified how being in the right environment can influence business, which is exactly what we be talkin’ bout in this episode.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • If you want to be successful then you will need to surround yourself with this
  • A few key locations that seem to just breed entrepreneurs
  • You are what you eat, right! Find out how to health hack your productivity
  • Is your environment routine-friendly? Find out why you’re going to want it to be
  • These top notch resources will massively affect your success
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8 thoughts on “[EP 18] 4 Environmental Factors that Breed Success”

      • The 2 main appeals are the sun (obviously) and the people. It seems that there are SO many like-minded people there and I’m really excited about that. I’m living in a small town outside Cambridge, England at the moment and the Brits (at least around here) are pretty traditional people so it’s just about all 9-5ers and the self-employed people are tradespeople so very hands-on service based stuff.

          • No joke, 10 mins after I commented and told you people here were traditional, this happened: I’m working at the pub and an older man came up to me and asked what I had eaten and I said they were nachos – than I had to explain what nachos for some reason.
            He said he hadn’t seen me here before and I said I’m never here during the day but had to get out of my office at home. He said “Why don’t you get your old man to take you out?” The kindness in my voice disappeared and I’m pretty sure flames appeared in my eyes. I said “I don’t need a man to take me out, I’m perfectly capable of taking myself out to lunch.”

            WTF? Can I please move now? lol

  1. We did the Dr Oz detox a couple of years ago. It looks like it may have been updated a bit because the lunch smoothie looks a little more palatable on your Pinterest page. I couldn’t get ‘er down me gullet. Maybe I should have cut down on the size of the celery stalks…


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