3 Strategies For More Engagement on Instagram

3 Strategies For More Engagement on Instagram

If you’re an entrepreneur and have a mobile phone, you can’t afford to ignore engagement on Instagram!

Gone are the days of taking artful photos of your iced mocha latte (the ice melts too soon anyway). 

Instagram is all about creating engaging conversations to connect with your followers, invite them into your world, and position yourself as the go-to person! Instagram can be one of your BEST marketing tools…when you have the right strategies to back you up!

Ready for some Gram Growth? Let’s dive into 3 strategies that will get your followers curious about what you do and reaching out for more deets from you!

Gram Growth Strategy #1: Create an Attractive Instagram Feed That Engages

An Instagram feed is all too often a photo dump by many people. Don’t be a dump!

When you are selective and design an eye-appealing feed, this becomes your secret weapon!

One of the first things you need to be sure of is that your images are eye-catching and interesting. You want to stop people in their tracks and spark their curiosity. 

Now keep in mind, eye-catching doesn’t always mean perfectly curated photos. Pump the breaks on the avocado toast pics!

This is where most entrepreneurs get stuck because they worry if their life is “Instagram worthy”. Some of the most “ordinary” and candid photos can create a TON of engagement on Instagram when paired with an interesting story or teaching point behind it. 

Think selfies with a story!

Content with a purpose is what REALLY matters. So make the posts and videos you create for your followers really count! At the end of the day, people want to do business with people they know like and trust. So designing an Instagram feed that really shows your followers who you are is your first step in creating a great first impression and upping your instagram engagement!

Gram Growth Strategy #2: Build a Community on Your Instagram

To build a community of followers that love and follow what you do, you have to shift your mindset and make it less about YOU and more about THEM. 

People love to talk about themselves, so give them an opportunity and place to do that!

You want to post things that your followers are actually interested in. Not boring or irrelevant topics that they scroll past. So think about what they actually want to learn about. What topics are they dying to dive into? 

You can create a space where your followers can have candid conversations on what really interests them. And that is SUPER powerful for you!

Another way to create a community is to get to know your followers. The simplest way to find this out is by asking questions: 


Examples: Introduce yourself, who are you?

        Who do you help in your business?


Examples: What is the focus of your business?

        What do you do for fun?


Example: When did you start your business or career?


Examples: Where in the country or state are you located?

        Where can people find you online?


Example: Why are you passionate about what you do?


Example: How do you help others in your community?

Behind every social media handle, there’s a REAL person, with REAL dreams and REAL challenges. Get to know your followers just like they get to know you!

Gram Growth Strategy #3: Do “All the Things” on Your Instagram to Reach Different Types of Followers

Instagram is an amazing platform because there are SO many ways to share your message:

Written posts with photos or videos

Instagram Stories (15-second clips to share bits of your life and business!)

IGTV (Longer videos that go into a deeper dive)

Think of Instagram as a TV and the different platforms within it as channels. Some people like one channel more than another and that is where they “hang out”. If you limit yourself to one channel, you’ll miss sharing your message to more people who need to know what you have to share. So use the entire app by sharing your content on “all the things” and create engagement on Instagram!

You can share “All the things” by doing a “Content Squeeze”. That’s where you create one piece of content and “squeeze” it dry. That same written post can be made into an Instagram story or you can produce it as a longer IGTV video. You can squeeze it even more by pulling out quotes for memes that you can share on Instagram and other social media platforms. Just remember, more content = more instagram engagement!

Mind-blowing right?! 

Think about how many different ways you can use the same piece of content over and over and over again. And it works because different people consume different types of content at different points in their life! So you’ll have content that creates ongoing engagement on Instagram.

When Instagram is used to create conversations with your followers, it can become one of your BEST marketing tools!

Conversations lead to future clients, partnerships, friendships, and opportunities. 

This is where the magic happens!

So take these Gram Growth strategies and try them out with your own followers. You will notice the difference in your engagement on Instagram when you truly focus on building relationships with your followers!

Thanks for reading.

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