[EP 12] The Shit You Don’t Need When Starting a Business

[EP 12] The Shit You Don’t Need When Starting a Business

Ohhhhhh chiiiilllld I’m excited for this one! Why? Because I’m pretty damn sure that when we all start our first online business we stress over some of the most insignificant things that really don’t make a difference to your eventual success.

But, of course it’s hard to know that when you’re first starting out.

Trust me, I speak from experience here! When we were first starting out I stressed over logos, website themes, and other useless shit that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

So we decided to get real with alllll y’all and lay down some of the most common things you think you need when first starting a business, but don’t!

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Josh gets angry and I get an eye twitch – the shit you seriously don’t need when you’re kicking off your biznasss
  • With our business model, you won’t have to register for one of these
  • They may look flashy, but if your business is online then you don’t need these
  • To logo or not to logo? Here’s what we’ve found from experience
  • You fancy, huh! This is what doesn’t need to be fancy
  • Find out if you actually need an SEO consultant
  • Revealing our TIPPPS in “Show us your Tips” – 2 tools we love

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3 thoughts on “[EP 12] The Shit You Don’t Need When Starting a Business”

  1. These are truly awesome tips for anyone starting out !!! I’ve spent hundred of dollars on websites when all I needed was a basic wordpress site. Thanks again guys!


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