How To Boost Your Customer Acquisition With Video Marketing

How To Boost Your Customer Acquisition With Video Marketing

Do you own a business and want to increase your customer acquisition? 

Well then, I’ve got just what you need!  

I’ll be sharing a few tactics on how you can create video marketing for improving your customer acquisition rate.

But first… 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What the heck is customer acquisition anyways?” 

Let me explain… 

What do we mean by Customer Acquisition?

This is the process of bringing new customers or consumers to your business.

Now that you know what it is…let’s move a step ahead to one of the most popular questions in the world of customer acquisition…

How Do You Keep Customers?

Customers are described as the core base of pretty much any business. The customer acquisition process is actually the very first contact for gaining more customers. 

I’ll break it down for you…

Stage 1: The customer expresses what they need.

Stage 2: You (the business owner) fulfills your customer’s needs, you build a relationship with them, and the customer has a great experience!

Stage 3: Voila! Now you have a loyal customer!

These stages are called a “sales funnel,” which you can break down into 3 distinct steps: 

1. Generating the Leads

Here’s the deal. Lead generation urges customers to look for more data and to amplify the traffic to a business and its site. 

This traffic, when taken care of well, changes over into deals and benefits. Without the right technique, you might just pass up the chance to interact with the perfect group of potential customers for your business.

One good way to gain leads is Enterprise Commercials– short recordings made to familiarize your business with the customer. 

Now, we can say the main objective of an advertisement is to expand brand awareness, but it can also be used for attracting leads & improving conversions by urging the soon-to-be customers to look for more information about your company and products or services. 

Also, social media videos are a brilliant way to build publicity around your brand. Publishing recordings via web-based networking media can supercharge your lead obtaining exercise. 

In any case, you have to know the sort of recordings that you should present via web-based networking media to have the best effect and a large portion of your ROI. These kinds of recordings help to manufacture an association with the watcher and make a positive inclination for the brand, in this manner, producing leads for your business group to pursue.

Lastly, the product commercials are limited-time recordings that revolve around the item. They make attention to the product and fervor around it which initiates the customer to purchase the product. In basic terms, they are product commercial recordings intended to advance the product. It includes a ton of exertion to make a decent item business that will produce the necessary reaction from the group of spectators.

2. Lead Acquisition

The lead acquisition is the following piece of the client’s adventure. Actually, lead generation and acquisition are typically combined together.

When a lead is created and you have an interested shopper who wants to know more…that is when the lead securing begins. Now, you might be thinking… “okay, but what all does that involve?” 

Lead securing includes gathering and grouping the leads and sending them on to the right people who are ready to make a move on it. This is one of the most significant parts of customer acquisition and is often underutilized. This is the initial step for purchaser involvement with your business and whether a lead changes over or not, relies upon how great of an experience that potential customer had with your business. Try to incorporate some of these tactics into your marketing strategies.

Another great tool is explainer video recordings that familiarize your customer with the product and explain what you offer in detail. The explainer recordings present the issue, talk about how you can demonstrate the offer and feature the highlights of the product and how it will benefit the customer. Then with the help of product demo videos, clarify how an item or administration functions in detail. It features every single benefit of using the product in a straightforward way. After this, the story videos show a lighter side of your business, adapt it to make a connection with your customer. These recordings tell a tale about your business, its expectations, desires, and qualities. 

In the end, videos in email marketing are a super successful approach to snagging a new customer!

When videos are incorporated into messages, their open rate increases significantly, which increases your chances of getting a new customer. The open rate is an unmistakable sign that you’ve at least put your product in front of someone and they’re considering purchasing it! Click through rates…even better! 

Here’s a little tip to help increase your open rate: include the word “Video” in the subject line of the email. Including customized recordings in the messages increases the likelihood of messages being opened multiple times.

3. Converting those Leads

The third phase of your journey is persuading the intrigued customers that your item or service offers the BEST solution to their problem. At this stage, videos are incredibly valuable! This is where the customer is deciding to purchase and needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. At this point, you’ll really want to gain their trust so they confide in your ability to help them solve their problem! If you can gain their trust, you’ll inevitably become their go-to person.  

The best videos at this stage are customer testimonials and surveys!

Testimonial videos are the absolute best way to help gain the trust of your clients and should definitely be something you ask of your loyal customers.

These recordings regularly include a current client talking about the issue they had and how your business offered the ideal answer to their problems. They present their positive involvement with your deals and advertising groups, which builds a feeling of trust in your business. 

Client survey videos are similarly compelling in making the positive vibe expected to at long last convert the lead into a paying client. Basically, the more conversions you have, the better your ROI on lead costs is going to be.


The main thing to remember when making an advertising system is to keep the leads connected at all stages. Videos are the most dominant approach to do this. Although it’s probably obvious, there are various videos that can be utilized at different phases of the lead generation process. At each stage, use analytics to recognize your optimal client, focus on them, and make your recordings speak directly to them. Guarantee that you keep your lead generation tactics as intriguing, useful, and simple as possible from one phase to the next. Continue with these tips and you’ll see your ROI arrive at truly positive figures. Till then – Keep Learning!

Thanks for reading.

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