Create online quizzes to grow your email list FAST!

Create online quizzes to grow your email list FAST!

Chances are you KNOW you should be building your email list, right? You’ve heard so many people tell you that growing your email list is vital to the success of your business. You’re totally onboard, but things are, let’s say.. feeling stagnant. You created some great freebies for your audience, but they are NOT flying off the shelves…… (tumbleweed….)

You might even be getting great engagement on social media, but you don’t want to be reliant on the algorithm swinging in your favor. Social media is so out of your control. Most of the time you can’t be sure your audience are even seeing your content. So back to email list building you go.

How are you going to kick start growth?… 

Create online quizzes that’s how.

Online quizzes are becoming such a creative and popular way to grow email lists. They can give you lots of great insight into your audience. Helping you turn social media followers or lurkers into subscribers and, in turn, boosting your brand’s visibility

People love quizzes! Whether they are finding out which pizza topping they’re most like or which personality type they are. We’re all drawn to finding more out about ourselves. We just can’t help it.

BuzzFeed use many quizzes in their content and these quizzes are among the top posts on their site. People love to be engaged and quizzes do that through their interactive nature. Plus people can’t resist finding out what type of cupcake they’d be! (Oh! I’m chocolate and peanut butter!).

Unlike a cheatsheet, an ebook or a checklist, the results of a quiz are personalised to the person taking it. This makes them feel listened to. You then have the ability to deliver specific information to help them. They are also WAY more shareable too! Do you want to share an boring old ebook, er nope! Do you want to share a quiz about which celeb is perfect for you? Hell, yes! It’s SO MUCH MORE FUN. So, let’s create online quizzes!

How do you create online quizzes?

1. Take time to research

The technology available makes it really easy to get your quiz live in no time at all. But before you can build it, you need to do some research.

You need to create online quizzes that will attract your ideal customer. Think about what would they be drawn to? What would they be interested in learning more about?

Say you’re a productivity coach. You could start your research in Facebook groups, finding out what the biggest struggles with productivity are. Or you could check your direct messages on Instagram or the emails you get from your audience. Which insight would help them move forward?

Maybe your quiz can help them discover the productivity method that suits them best, for example.

2. Spend time creating THE BEST title

The title of your quiz is sooooooo important. Without a catchy, intriguing title no-one is going to bother clicking. The title will make or break your quiz. Take time to create a good one. A good title will be clever, pique curiosity and make completing the quiz irresistible. There are a few themes that work well for quizzes and you only have to look at BuzzFeed to see many examples in action; 

  • The “Which (blank) Are You?” Title: “Which superhero are you?” People can’t resist finding out more about themselves, even if it’s something as bizarre as which superhero they are. 
  • The “Actually” Title: “How much do you actually know about design?” This title is a test of knowledge, but adding “actually” or “really” makes it sound like a challenge. The reader will want to prove they know plenty about the topic and will click on the quiz.
  • The Celebrity Comparison Title: “Which celebrity boyfriend is right for you?” This one maximizes on curiosity. The celebrity angle makes completing it and finding out you should be walking down the aisle with Channing Tatum (…just me?!) even more irresistible.

3. Keep your ideal customer in mind

Don’t forget about your person in all the excitement of creating a quiz. What would your ideal customer be curious about? Do they have lots of spare time, or would they need a short  and sweet quiz? How can you make sure your tone matches how they want to be spoken to? Bear these points in mind as you move onto the next step.

4. Start with the end in mind

Decide on the results first. This makes writing the questions, which lead to those results SO MUCH EASIER! Think of 3 or 4 results, which reflect the different groups of people in your audience. Maybe you teach Business strategy and you have beginners, intermediate and advanced business owners in your audience. You would pick three end results which mirror these segments – ‘’New Blood‘, Fire Starter’, ‘Biz Royalty’, for example. You then summarise each stage and give them key takeaways they can action to progress. This might be tips or further content – courses, links to blog posts, free challenges etc.

5. Write your questions

Aim for between 6-10 engaging questions, you don’t want it to feel like an exam. But you do need enough data to differentiate the respondents. Remember to keep the tone chatty, so people will stay more engaged. 

Think of your end result, how would you find out if they are in that segment? Base one or two of your questions on each segment. This means your questions are leading the participants to one of the end results. Making sure each result type is mapped to at least one of the answers. You may end up with multiple answers for a specific result type or you may have one answer that could match to more than one result. This is ok as long your quiz software can handle this. 

6. Encourage participants to opt in

When a respondent finishes the quiz they will be shown an opt in box and they’ll need to add their email address to get their results. You don’t want to get them to this point and for them to think, ‘oh I don’t fancy it’, and close the browser. It’s important to encourage them to sign up by explaining they’ll get personalized results, an action plan, etc. Think about how can you maximize the number of sign ups?

7. Create your results pages

The results pages will be shown after the opt in page. If you have 3 different results you will need 3 pages. Easy peasy! On each page you will tell them their result, add a relevant photo, 2-3 paragraphs explaining the result. Making sure you stay positive. Link to a resource which will help them progress and also add social sharing buttons, so respondents can share the quiz for you.

8. Create your emails

When someone finishes your quiz it’s just the start. You now need to start building a relationship with them. 

Don’t just lump them into your regular weekly emails. Instead create a short series of emails for each end result/category that your quiz lead to. Tailoring the emails to help each segment move forward and progress. If you have 3 results, you will have 3 email sequences each made up of 4-5 emails. These should be sent more regularly than you usually send emails, perhaps every 2-3 days. By nurturing this connection you’ll be serving your customers in the best way you can.  

9. Picking the right software 

There are a few different ways you can create your quiz. Different software and plugins, but the easiest way we’ve found is to use Interact. This software makes creating a quiz SO EASY. They have templates that you can use if you don’t want to start from scratch. It makes matching up the answers with the results a total breeze. Interact offer a free account, so you can test it out. You’ll need a paid account to be able to collect emails. 

Make sure you connect your quiz to your email service provider. Interact integrate directly with most email services, plus membership, course sites, analytics and marketing automation. If your tool is not listed, you can use Zapier to hook them all together.

10. Get your quiz out there!

You have your shiny new quiz and now you need to get it out in the world.  

You can promote your quiz:

  • On your website sidebar
  • In your emails to your list
  • Using a popup on your site
  • Add a call-to-action on the bottom of blog posts
  • A featured call-to-action on your website’s home page
  • In your footer
  • On your social media accounts/in your bio/pin tweet/create pin
  • Write a post about your quiz and link to your quiz

11. Monitor results

Don’t just forget about your quiz. Take time to check in regularly to check the number of visitors to your quiz page. How many people who start your quiz. What percentage actually complete your quiz. The number of people who opt in to your list. This info can show you where you need to make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your quiz.

Are you sold? Ready to go and create online quizzes? There’s a fair amount of work involved in setting up your quiz, but software like Interact WILL make this easier. Once created you can use this quiz to generate masses of email signups for years to come.

Thanks for reading.

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