Create an online course to blow up your biz!

Create an online course to blow up your biz!

Do you have knowledge, skills or experience? If so, you could create an online course. Yes, it’s *almost* as simple as that!  You don’t have to have a PhD or have 20 years of experience, you just need to be a few steps ahead of the people you’re trying to help with your information. 

How do you know if you’re ready to create a course? How do you determine what your audience needs? Hang on, we’ll get to this.

Online education is BIG business and it’s not slowing down. With college tuition and costs rising more quickly than financial aid. The average cost of tuition and fees at a private institution is $31,231 a year, which has increased 13% over the last five years. Student loan debt in the US stands at $1.16 trillion. These facts have contributed to people trying to find another option and that’s the online education industry. Which is expected to grow past $241 billion by 2022.

How to pick the right topic?

There are probably a few courses you could create right away. You need to think about the right course to create first. Which will have the biggest impact? Which makes the most sense to create first? This course will be the topic that helps your audience the most.

Your course also needs to solve a problem for your audience that they’re motivated enough to pay for. People will only buy your course because they have a specific problem that you’re going to solve. So you need to make it clear that you can solve their specific problem.

It’s important to be specific. Creating a general course created to appeal to a wide range of people will end up appealing to no-one at all. You DON’T want that to be you!

There are a few areas that you might find your ideal course topic in:

  • Niches that you have an existing email list of potential customers for.  
  • Niches that you have an existing connection to. If you can relate to a particular group or have some inside knowledge, the faster the next steps will be.
  • Niches you’re interested in, and you have specific strategies to help.

From here you can dig into the specific problem that people in your chosen niche are struggling with.

It’s important to find the pain points that your audience has related to your specific area of expertise. Then put together a course that solves their specific problems.

How do you find your audiences pain points

You can find out what your audience is struggling with, in a number of different ways. You might have personal experience as you’ve been there. You have first-hand knowledge of the pain points you felt at the time. You could interview or survey people in that niche to dig into the issues. Or you can dive into research, join relevant Facebook groups (filled with your ideal customers) to see what people are struggling with. 

Make sure there’s a market

You have an idea and it feels pretty good. Woo hoo! Before you get started creating your course, you need to make sure there’s a market. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time. 

Are there similar courses out there? Have people asked you to solve this problem for them? (and ideally paid you for it). Does Amazon have popular books on the topic? Are people are paying for Facebook ads to promote a similar topic? Does a Google search show content in response to the keywords?

If all this looks positive, you’re good to go!

When are you ready to create a course?

You don’t need a certain size following or a huge email list to be in the right place to create a course. Yes, both of these would be great, but not having them isn’t a reason to delay creating your course. If you have information that’ll help your ideal customer, NOW is the right time. Companies such as Thinkific (who we use here at Screw HQ) make setting up and selling your course very straightforward. 

Is my audience ready to buy?

If you have a related freebie which is going down well with your audience, this is a good indication that your audience would be interested in a paid offer. 

You could also create a simple 5-day challenge closely related to the topic of your offer. This can help you test the idea, but also provides a good funnel into your course when it’s launched. The people going through your challenge will have got lots of value from you and if they’re ready to take the next step they can join your course.

Creating an online course is a great way to serve your audience and create more income for your business.  

Online education is much more convenient and affordable for many people, which is why the industry is becoming increasingly popular.

There are people in every niche seeking information, so now is the time to put your information in the hands of the people who need it via an online course.

What topic are you keen to create an online course in?

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