Become A Client Success Manager & Earn Up To Six-Figures A Year While Impacting More Lives & Setting Your Own Hours

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Are you super driven and LOVE to help others improve their lives and income potential? 

Then please read on…

Wealthy Course Creator works with online businesses, online coaches and online consultants through coaching and done for you services to help them grow month over month. We help them create a foundation for their growth, by helping them with their business strategy, their marketing, operations, and their sales. 

On top of that we work closely with them and their teams to ensure that their business is hitting certain KPIs during each promotion. 

We’ve built, tested, proven and helped train lots of clients a repeatable process for launching their back-end offers. With strategy sessions, group coaching, resources and done-for-you services, our clients have achieved hitting 6-figure launches, creating multi-tiered offers AND an effective promotion strategy they can repeat over and over again with near predictable results.

Our mission is simple… We want to help coaches and course creators create 7 figure businesses.

Due to the rate at which we are growing, we are always bringing on new clients to work with who need to build and implement this process. This is where you come in…

Position Summary

About the Role

The purpose of this role is to help provide a clear direction and accountability for our clients as they set out on this path of building their businesses to 7-figures. With the resources we will provide, you will have everything you need to help guide the clients along the way, and you too will have support when you need it to assist when issues arise. 

This position is full-time (starting off part-time with the goal to go full time as we scale) and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world! 

What You’ll Be Doing

You will be responsible for primary communication between us, the company, and the clients. This includes:

  • Coaching – you will meet with students in 1:1 to help them implement the Wealthy Course Creators training and help them determine which services they need to submit for and when. With our coaching only students, you’ll be helping them map out all the things they would need to create themselves.
  • Training – using the training materials as a guide, you will teach and train your clients in the launch processes and map out their offers.
  • Support and Service – you will be responsible for communication with your cohort of clients, including helping them with issues and roadblocks that come up, helping them with services to submit for and structuring their promotions/offers. 
  • KPIs and performance standards – you will be responsible to hit a performance level with your clients which they will anonymously score you on.

This Is For You If

  • You are familiar with the online coaching space and have experience coaching and training others.
  • You thrive in a client-facing role and have high stamina for 15+ hours of coaching sessions every week
  • You enjoy creative problem solving
  • You can implement a proven launch system and help clients learn “the ropes” and help them implement
  • You can hold people accountable to what they say they want
  • You enjoy a lot of autonomy, while still enjoying structure and team communication/meetings
  • You actively look to improve, personally and professionally through books, courses, etc
  • You take responsibility for your actions. No excuses unless absolutely necessary. We value people who own their work and own their results.

Outcomes & Responsibilities

The main tasks you’ll be responsible for are:

  • Hosting Jump Start Calls with clients who are assigned to you as they enter the program.
  • Hosting 4x 1:1 weekly calls with clients during their first month in the program
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with clients after their first month
  • Any additional calls with clients as and when they are needed.
  • Providing support within our community to all clients, not just your own, and also setting up private messages with your clients to help keep them accountable between calls.
  • Communicating with the services team to check on the status of any submissions made by your clients if necessary.
  • Any other calls or communication with clients to aid them with their promotions
  • Weekly meetings with the Coaching Team to discuss any wins, issues and problems with your clients and within your role.
  • Daily communication with the Coaching Team


At Wealthy Course Creator, we want people who are amazing! Your personality and fit within the company culture are most important to us. We have found some of our best coaches have been running their own business for a little while and have launched a handful of times as well. The success of their business isn’t as important as their extreme hunger, being coachable, and drive to be the best. 

As long as you can prove to have the track record and vision for this role, we want to talk to you.

So if that’s you, feel free to apply below.

The Pay

The compensation breaks down as follows:

  • A flat rate per client assigned to you per month
  • Performance based bonuses subject to an anonymous survey with clients scoring their happiness with you as their coach.
  • Variable bonuses per client based on:
    • The delivery of a testimonial from your client (typically after a client gets a result from a promotion)
    • Client ROI (return on investment) based on 3 levels.

When you make it to the first interview we will explain the compensation packed in greater detail.

With a goal to max out at roughly 40 clients per coach, you can expect to earn $48k to up to $100k+ per year, when bonuses are included.

Who We Are

About The Team

As of February 2022, the WCC team consists of 12 people with the goal to grow rapidly in 2022. We are a close team who all share the same goal… To help coaches and course creators grow their business to 7 figures!

As a part of the coaching team, you’ll be entering a team of driven people looking to help clients in whatever way we possibly can. We believe in over promising and over delivering to clients! 

We provide our students with everything they need to implement the pay-to-play launch model with a mix of coaching, done-for-you services and providing resources to accelerate the implementation of this model. The coaching team helps students navigate their way through the materials, giving students action items to implement to get their launches going and keep them accountable in doing the work.

If students put in the work, they will get results.

Some of our most successful students have 6-figure launches and have the ability to turn around very quickly and launch again. 

With 3 different “tracks” for students to go down depending on the type of business they wish to have, we have everything they need to reach their goal of having a profitable business.

And the coaching team is here to help them achieve this goal.

About The Culture

Here are our company core values:

  1. Radical Honesty & Transparency
  2. Adaptable
  3. Master Communicator
  4. Extreme Ownership
  5. Results. Results. Results
  6. Have Fun

We’re confident if you called and asked any of our coaches what it’s like to work at Wealthy Course Creators, they would all be raving fans. We take a lot of pride in building and maintaining an incredible culture where “A players” are attracted and retained. 

We have weekly meetings and stay connected often throughout the day, which increases the connection and productivity with our team. Most times it doesn’t even feel like we are working remotely!

Our team is very fast-paced and growth-focused. We maintain a high level of accountability and ownership for each person on our team.

Our company is continually growing in both the training materials and resources we can provide to our students, but also for our coaches as well. We want to make sure everyone in WCC is fully supported in their roles and have access to everything they need to help their students get results!

Everyone on our team works remotely. We value results over hours worked, which means once you finish your work, hours are flexible to do what you enjoy. However, we are a very fast growing company with many teammates holding a wide range of responsibilities, so it’s not uncommon to work 40-50+ hour weeks. And let’s be honest, when you see your clients CRUSHING their launches it hardly feels like work!

Growth opportunities are huge due to the rate at which we are growing. The more value you can bring, the more responsibility, trust, and advancement opportunity you will be given. 

Overall, the culture of the company is very growth oriented, fast paced, challenging, and a lot of fun. You will be surrounded by other people who are pushing themselves to be the best person they can be, both in and out of work. You will see every area of your life improve, guaranteed.

How To Apply

Step 1: Fill Out The Application

Click the button below and fill out your application below with as much detail as to why you’d be a good fit.

After submitting it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours to review your application

Step 2: Screening Interview

An interview with someone on our team so that we can get to know a bit more about each other.

Step 3: Final Interview

A final interview with someone from our leadership team to make sure you’re a good fit for our culture.

Step 4: Training Period

2-4 weeks of shadowing coaching calls and going through training materials.

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