Does Your Business Feel Like a J-O-B? Here’s How To Fix It with James Wedmore

Does Your Business Feel Like a J-O-B? Here’s How To Fix It with James Wedmore


After years of running our online businesses, I’m clear on one thing:

Struggling entrepreneurs are struggling BECAUSE they don’t have a friggin’ clue how to actually run a business!

If they did, they wouldn’t be working 12 hour days, doing it all themselves, all with no clarity, no plan and no focus.  

You didn’t quit your 9-5 job just so you could take on an 8-6 job that doesn’t pay well, did ya?!

That’s not what you signed up for, is it?!

Heck no!  

And as you already know, successful entrepreneurs THINK and ACT differently than the EMPLOYEE.

They choose leverage over late nights.

They know their revenue does NOT come from their effort.  

They know where to focus their energy, and what to say “NO” to!

The question is… do you?

In this episode with our good friend and mentor (frientor?) James Wedmore we’re breaking down how to…

*Finally Design and Grow a Business that YOU RUN instead feeling like it’s RUNNING YOU!

*Create your CLEAR PLAN and VISION for Building Your Audience & Turning Leads into SALES!

*Start Working LESS on the WRONG Things so You Can Get Your Life Back!

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The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • What it looks like specifically to be the employee in your business… and how to avoid getting yourself in that position.
  • The ways that we as human beings walk around in this “I’m fine” coma: the excuses we make to stay here, and what to do about it. 
  • How making hard choices is actually quite simple, yet we are the ones who complicate them.
  • Why understanding that the judgement someone has about you really has nothing to do you, could be the key to making important moves in your business. 
  • The main steps you need to take to understand your role in your own business and the do’s and don’ts of the CEO. 
  • Why the reason you can’t afford to hire anyone is because you haven’t actually been hiring anyone. 
  • How getting even just an hour back in your day could be an absolute difference maker in your business. 
  • The biggest misconception a newbie entrepreneur has… and how to step away from this black hole and grow your business to new levels. 
  • Why committing to taking responsibility for the outcomes you actually want could mean the difference between broke and badass. 
  • How to reframe your relationship with the unknown and shift your mindset from fear of failure to excitement around doing what’s never been done before.


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