Momentum Marketing: The Roadmap to Building Your Brand Online and Screwing Your 9-to-5

Momentum Marketing: The Roadmap to Building Your Brand Online and Screwing Your 9-to-5

So get this…I’ve learned a thing or two in the (almost) five years that Josh and I have been running businesses online together.

Mainly, it comes down to knowing precisely what to focus on and what to stay far, far away from when trying to grow and scale your business.

And while there are loads of entrepreneurs online who will tell you to focus on anything from list building to live streaming, SEO to sales funnels to selling with webinars, one thing they will rarely tell you is that honestly?

You might not be ready for any of that.


I know.

It sounds counter-intuitive.

I mean, how are you supposed to build and grow your business if you’re not splitting your time and focus trying to learn and implement all. the. things?

And how are you supposed to hit those coveted five-figure months if you’re not hustling day and night, night and day trying to build a profitable business that will allow you to screw that 9-to-5 for good?

And why does it seem to be SO damn easy for everyone else, but you?

Have you ever thought that to yourself?

We have.

And you know what that did?

Caused us to compare ourselves to others, jump from project to project and desperately try to fast-track our way to success, just to prove we were worthy.

Sound familiar?

We get it.

And we’re tellin’ ya…

There’s a better way.

One that is focused on building a wildly-successful business, in a streamlined and strategic way.

What is it?

It’s called Momentum Marketing.

And it’s about to shake up your whole entrepreneurial world.

What is Momentum Marketing?

Simply put, Momentum Marketing is your complete roadmap to building your brand online and screwing your 9-to-5. Fo’ good.

Here’s how it shakes down…

Momentum Marketing breaks down the progression of an online business into 5 key stages: The Grind, The Hustle, The Engine, The Traffic and The Profit.

Best of all, each stage has it’s own set of metrics that help you determine which stage you’re in, what tasks you should be focusing on, what tasks you should NOT be focusing on, what emotions you can expect in each stage and a set of benchmarks to hit before you move onto the next stage.

(Want to get the entire roadmap broken down for you, stage by stage? Hit this and apply to join Screw U where we break it alllllll down for you!)

Basically, the entire goal of this roadmap is to eliminate your entrepreneurial overwhelm, keep you focused and moving towards your ultimate goal.

So, how the heck did we come up with such a thing?

To explain that, I have to take you back to early 2013…

Our Biggest Struggle Building an Online Business

I’m gonna keep it real with you…

Mine and Josh’s journey building the Screw to where it is today has been anything but “easy”.

And while we’ve been able to build it up to a half a million dollar business we can run from anywhere in the world (hell, I’m writing this from the beach in Positano, Italy right now), it wasn’t without its fair share of frustrations, failures and bouts of ugly-crying.

So what did our journey look like?

Back in late 2012 we had an idea…

“Let’s create a site we can use to help others to build a business online that allows them to call the shots in their own life and make as much money as they want!” we said, while sitting on our balcony in Costa Rica.

You see, we had been running a business online together for a year at that point, and while the money was great, we knew we wanted more.

We wanted to have an impact.

So, we decided right then and there (after a few Costa Rican rums) to dedicate ourselves to helping people just like us.

A few months later the Screw launched and we sat back and waited for the magic to kick in.

But nothing happened…

“What the? I don’t get it! This should be working by now!” we thought to ourselves, after only a few months of writing blogposts, shooting videos and updating our Facebook page.

“Pfffft! I know what the problem is. We need something to sell!” I said to Josh.

And so we invested thousands of dollars (don’t ask) and three months of our time to creating and launching our first digital program, Badass Guest Blogging.

Yeah. That’s what we called it.

And when launch day rolled around? Not one person bought it.

Hell, no one even clicked the “buy now” button throughout the entire 3 day launch.

So I did what any self-respecting thirty-something would do…

I ugly-cried.

A lot.

24 hours later with my face still blotchy and my eyes still puffy, I cowgirl’d up and we got back down to work.

This time with a plan.

What was it?

To scrap everything we had built and start over.

I know, it might sound crazy to some, but to us it felt like the only option we had.

So, we scrapped it all and started from square one—this time determined to stay patient, committed to the journey and do it right.

Fast-forward to today and we’ve built an exclusive (*cough* application-only) membership community (Screw U) full of hundreds (and hundreds) of ambitious online entrepreneurs we absolutely adore…

We are dedicated to dispelling the “magic pill” bullshit that perpetrates the web…

And we’re hell-bent on helping our fellow entrepreneurs build dangerously-profitable businesses online that light them up.

Which is how Momentum Marketing came to be.

You see, as more and more people started joining Screw U we started noticing a common theme…

Our members were feeling overwhelmed, they were stuck in a vicious cycle of comparing themselves to others online, and they were unsure of which tasks to focus on to get them the results they so badly craved.

And since we had been in their shoes and felt their frustrations, we set out to create a roadmap that would keep them focused, on track and gradually moving towards their ultimate goal.

Basically, we helped them build momentum in their businesses.

And now? We want to do the same for you and your business.

So, which stage are you in?

Let’s get into ‘er…

Stage 1: The Grind

This is where it all begins!

The Grind is the first stage in the Momentum Marketing Model and is where we all start out (whether it’s your first business or not), and typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 months.

You’ll know you’re in The Grind if:

  • You know you want to start a business, but you don’t have an idea for one…yet
  • You have an idea, but aren’t sure if it can really make money
  • You’ve validated your idea, but you don’t have a website
  • You have a website, but you’re getting less than 200 visits a month
  • You’re not making any money in your business yet

Do you see yourself in that breakdown?

If so, you’ve probably experienced at least one of these emotions:

  • You feel as though your friends and family don’t understand what you’re trying to do
  • You frequently get distracted by new opportunities, ideas or strategies (hello, shiny object syndrome!)
  • You feel frustrated by tech issues
  • You contemplate giving up
  • You feel like you’re getting nowhere
  • You second-guess yourself…a lot
  • You wonder why it’s “taking so long” when it seems so easy for everyone else

Sound familiar?

Yep, welcome to The Grind.

Fortunately, this is also a stage where you will feel:

  • Pure elation after overcoming tech hurdles
  • Proud that you’re finally doing what it takes to chase your dreams
  • Inspired and open to new mindset practices and habits
  • Excited over the “little things”

So, what are the tasks you should be focusing on in The Grind?

Things like:

  • Niche selection
  • Idea validation
  • Getting clear on your dream customer
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis

And so, so much more.

Keen to get a full rundown on all the tasks you should, and more importantly, should NOT be focusing on?

Apply to join Screw U  where we’ll break it all down for you.

So, how do you know when you’ve made it through The Grind and can move into The Hustle?

Ideally you will have:

  • A rock-solid idea of what you want to build your business around
  • Your website up and running
  • Your website analytics installed and functioning
  • A basic email opt-in created
  • Your social profiles set up and active
  • Consistent weekly content on your website

If you’ve got those items ticked off the list, you can sashay your way into…

Stage 2: The Hustle

Ahhh yes, The Hustle.

Not to be mistaken with that funky dance your parents used to do as young twenty-somethings, The Hustle is that stage in your business where building attention is everything.

In fact, the main goals of this stage is three-fold:

  1. To build relationships with others in your space
  2. To get featured on relevant sites and platforms—allowing you to grow your traffic, email list and social following
  3. To start generating revenue (a.k.a. dat sweet sweet internet money)

So how long does this stage last for?

That depends.

On what?

Your ability to hustle.

That means, if you are consistent and go balls to the wall, you can smash your way through The Hustle within 6 months.

However, we typically find it takes most online entrepreneurs a full year before they move into The Engine.

Hell, it took us 18 months….and there’s two of us!

So how do you know if you’re in The Hustle?


  • Your website is getting at least 200 visits a month
  • You have a growing email list and are consistently emailing them each week
  • Your social channels are active and building followers
  • You’re publishing weekly content, consistently
  • You’re itching to build even more exposure around your brand
  • You’re ready (and eager!) to sell something and make some cash

Does this look like where you’re at in your business?

If so, you’ve likely experienced at least one of these emotions:

  • You feel like a fraud (gotta love that Imposter Syndrome)
  • You compare yourself to others further ahead than you
  • You get bummed out and beat yourself up over guest post and interview rejections
  • You can feel overwhelmed
  • You feel impatient and like everything is taking “so long”
  • You feel attacked when you get your first “hater” comment or email

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Welcome to The Hustle.

Luckily, this is also the stage where you will:

  • Feel insanely validated when you make your first sale
  • Be more open to eliminating toxic relationships and non-believers from your life
  • Feel overwhelming gratitude when you receive your first affirming message or comment
  • Have a huge sense of accomplishment as you start building attention and recognition around your brand
  • Get more (and more and more) comfortable stepping further outside of your comfort zone

Look familiar?

If so, here is a glimpse into some of the tasks you should be focusing on in this stage:

  • Building exposure and brand awareness through guest posts and interviews
  • Consistently participating in relevant Facebook groups (or LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, hell, any social platform where your audience hangs out)
  • Creating your first autoresponder series
  • Surveying your list to understand their issues and challenges
  • Designing your first paid product, program or service

And that’s not all…

Want to get a bigger look into the tasks you should and should NEVER focus on in The Hustle?

Hit that sexy link over there and apply to join Screw U to get your hands on the rest.

Now that you know when you’re in The Hustle, how can you tell if you’re ready to move onto The Engine?

You should have:

  • An email list of 3,000 subscribers
  • A track record of at least 20 guest posts and 20 interviews
  • Consistent community interaction across your social channels
  • A solid understanding of the interest areas and pain points of your audience
  • A monthly revenue of at least $1,000/month

Once you’ve met those benchmarks, you can boogie your way into…

Stage 3: The Engine

Now this? This is where your business starts to get fun!


Because after busting your (cute) butt in The Hustle to build attention around your brand, you will be at a point where you can start developing a sales engine that will help to automate your revenue.

Oh la la!

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

It should.

After all, this is where the true “passive income” starts to become a reality in your business.

“Why can’t I just skip The Hustle and move straight to The Engine?” is what I assume you just said in your head…

Here are 3 reasons why skipping The Hustle can be detrimental to your momentum:

  1. You won’t have a big enough audience to help you identify the interest areas and pain points that will make up your different sales funnels
  2. You need to use your organic traffic and attention to test your sales funnels before spending money on paid traffic
  3. You miss out on the chance to prove that you can build your brand through sheer grit and determination—something all entrepreneurs should experience at least once

So, how long should it take you to move through The Engine and into The Traffic?

Ideally, anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on how long it takes you to set up your sales engine.

How can you tell if you’re ready to enter The Engine?

You should have:

  • An email list of 3,000 subscribers and growing by an average of 10 per day (organically)
  • A monthly revenue of at least $1,000/month
  • An active and growing social following
  • A solid list of pain points from your audience
  • Other influencers reaching out to you (instead of the other way around)

Does this look like the current state of your business?

If so, you’ve likely experienced at least one of these emotions:

  • Slightly overwhelmed withe the amount of content you need to create for your funnels
  • Control issues over delegating tasks to first hire (trust me, this will pass)
  • Pangs of imposter syndrome the more you level up
  • Proud of yourself for starting to work ON your business, and not always IN your business
  • More and more confident with every sale you make and every obstacle you overcome
  • Thrilled at the consistent revenue you’re starting to generate
  • Like you’re on a fucking roll

Been through this before?

It’s a fun stage, isn’t it?

And if you know you’re in The Engine then here’s a sneak peek into a few of the tasks you should be focusing on in this stage:

  • Honing your copywriting skills
  • Hiring your first team members
  • Building out your sales funnels
  • Basic marketing automation
  • Improving customer service

And that’s just a taste…

Want the full breakdown on what you should (and should never ever ever) do in The Engine?

Apply to join Screw U to get your hands on the rest.

So, how do you know when you can take this shit next level and move into The Traffic?

Well, you should have:

  • A minimum of 3 funnels converting organically
  • A consistent monthly revenue of at least $5,000/month
  • Systems in place that help with the daily operations of your business
  • Your first team member hired and in place

Once you’ve got that locked down you can moonwalk your way into…

Stage 4: The Traffic

Awwwww YEAH!

Now, I’m not gonna front…

This is my favourite stage of all 5.


Because this is where you get to inject some serious paid traffic into the mix and watch your business scale. Fast!

In fact, this is where low six-figure brands can skyrocket into million-dollar empires.

And that?

Is just downright exciting.

This is also the stage where you get to pay yourself consistently (holla!) AND still have money left over to bank some profit.

*girly squeal*

So, how long does this stage last?

It depends.

For us, it took about 10 months.

However, those 10 months were way more enjoyable than any previous stage and work no longer felt like “work”.

How do you tell if you’re ready to move into The Traffic?

  • You’re making over $5,000/month consistently
  • You have 3 sales funnels converting organically
  • You have at least one team member in place
  • You know how to sell with webinars (if applicable)
  • You’re ready (and itching) to scale your business

Does this look like your business at the moment?

If so, you’re likely experiencing:

  • New levels of confidence
  • Crystal-clear clarity and focus around the tasks that move the needle
  • Potential resistance around investing more cash into your business
  • More of a “zero fucks” attitude when it comes to negative criticism
  • Less self-doubt

Now, real fast, on the note of “self doubt”, I’m not saying you will never doubt yourself.

Hell, I still doubt myself from time to time.

However, the more experience you gain in your business the more you will realize that the ups and downs are all a part of the game and no matter what, you’re always moving forward.

So, what tasks should you be focused on in The Traffic?

Say it with me now:

  • Paid traffic!

Well, that, and a few other things…

Wanna know what they are AND what tasks you STILL shouldn’t touch in this stage?

You know what to do.



How do you know when it’s time to move onto the holy grail, a.k.a. The Profit?

Ideally, you have:

  • Built your revenue up to $20,000/month
  • Outsourced all day-to-day operational tasks in your business (I’m talkin’ customer support, ads management, graphic design, etc..)
  • You have 3 self-liquidating funnels
  • You’re scaling and ready to crank it up to eleven

If you’re there, HIGH FIVE! It’s time to saunter your way (all cool, calm and collected) into…

Stage 5: The Profit

Ohhhhh SNAP!

You made it!

This is the stage where netting 7-figures is not only doable, but inevitable…assuming that’s aligned with your overarching vision for your business.

It also happens to be a stage with NO time duration or limit because, guess what? YOU DID IT.

So, how do you know if you’re in it?

Pfffft, easy! You are likely:

  • Making at least $250,000 a year
  • Working with a team who manages the daily operations of your business
  • Considered one of the top influencers in your space (or at the very least, “one to watch”)
  • In tune with what offers work and what don’t for your audience
  • Able to “play” with your business to increase your impact
  • You are netting strong profit in your business, month after month

Craving this action in your business and curious what you can expect emotionally?

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but for us this is what we have experienced:

  • Immense and total gratitude
  • A shift in priorities that no longer JUST focuses on making money
  • A flood of ideas
  • A surge of creativity
  • A insatiable hunger to increase our impact and help more entrepreneurs
  • Improved leadership and delegation skills
  • Laser-focus on inner work
  • Some sneaky upper limit issues and thoughts around “who am I to make this much money?”

Momentum Marketing Inside Screw U

If you recognize this range of emotions and you’re eager to up your game in this stage then here’s the list of tasks you should be working on:

  • High-impact launches
  • Increasing efficiencies
  • Building your dream team
  • And…

To find that out, you’re gonna have to join Screw U to get your hands on the rest!



Before you do that though, tell me…

What stage of business are YOU IN?

Dish it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey Screw Crew! Great white North as in Vancouver Canada?? I’m at the Grind Stage. I know the area I want it to be in, so I am building a facebook group for that audience. Have an idea that I think is pretty solid but want to test it in the group when we get a bit bigger. Close to pulling the trigger on the website and setting up atleast the Blog portion and leadmagnet for my email list. Real close to pulling the trigger on ScrewU too… Great article and excited to see what you have cookin’. Cheers.

    • Dave – haha, no we’re in Toronto at the moment! Vancouver is anything but “white” LOL 😛

      As for The Grind… if I were you, I would get the site up first, get some content cranking and THEN dive into launching your group 🙂

      Also, we’d love to have you in the U! We’re closing the doors to all new members as of Sept 30th until sometime next year so if you’re feeling it, we’d love to have you!

  2. Hi guys… just found your website/blog, and loving it! I’m in ‘the grind’ stage, but still feeling exited and motivated. My website it live (albeit with one post!) and social media accounts set up. But, not sure what the next step is. I have an affiliate program that I’m starting with, but need to build views and traffic to my website. I’ll sign up for the masterclass so I can get your perspective on things. I figure the more opinions/views/experiences I’m exposed to, the better. I’m in Australia, so hopefully the time zones work out for me (although, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been up at 2am on a webinar!! Thanks for your insight so far! Cheers, Sussan xo

  3. Allllllmost at the engine. Need to solidify some [paid] traffic and funnels next, alongside getting to the 3k mark (my group is near 2k, list behind that GASP).

    It does feel overwhelming some days but thankfully and somewhat unfortunately – I’m not rushed to get there. (2 small kids at home whom I choose to be with until school starts)

    Great post! The good ones take a while to write and deserve a high five.

  4. This is such a great article I am in the hustle stage, I have an e-mail list of nearly 1000 and a facebook fan page of 2200 am writing e-mails to my peeps twice per month (so maybe should up that to once per week) and will begin blogging articles weekly. I used to write short posts (I thought this was better as people are time poor) but I want to rather do in depth posts that are really helpful to my audience. Have not joined Screw U yet but thinking about it seriously

  5. As a small business coach, I absolutely LOVE the way you broke out the stages into realistic timelines, and included the emotions behind each stage! Every person starting any kind of business (online or brick and mortar) needs this dose of reality before starting! There are no get rich quick schemes-it takes work!!! In my first business (which is not online) I’m at the Profit stage. But, my passion is coaching, and I’d like to take it from my “side” business to my main business, so I’m definitely only in the Grind stage with it!

  6. Ever thought about making this post into an audio format? Around 4k works? That’d be a great listen to (over and again) while on the go, or just when you don’t feel like reading. 🙂 Just a thought.


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