[EP 55] How to Build Your Business While Still Working Your 9-to-5

[EP 55] How to Build Your Business While Still Working Your 9-to-5

Have you ever been so frustrated at work that you dream of just up and quitting? 

Like, having a Jerry Maguire moment, grabbing a goldfish and peacing out for good?

I used to always have those moments at work.

Only I was a bartender so my version of quitting included spraying my boss down with my soda gun, grabbing my tip jar and walking out before last call.

But I never went through with it.


Because I didn’t really have a back up plan at that time.

So instead of just up and quitting (even though it can be oh-so-tempting) let’s talk about how you can start to build your business while still balancing your day job.

That way you’re not under tremendous stress trying to do it after quitting on a whim.

Oh and if you’re thinking you just don’t have time to juggle both…don’t sweat.

We’ve got you sorted!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Learn ways that you can build your business while still working in your 9-5 job
  • How we suggest you schedule your time and set “office hours” when working on your side hustle
  • Why commitment to consistency will have a huge impact on your business
  • How to leverage your lunch break and build your business faster
  • The importance of creating and sticking to boundaries when setting aside time to work on your business
  • How learning from online resources and live events with help you earn WAY more money
  • Time management hacks to get more done in short bursts

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4 thoughts on “[EP 55] How to Build Your Business While Still Working Your 9-to-5”

  1. LOL! Josh, you sounded exactly like Evan (the hubs) when talking about Jill’s hair all over the house…except you said it with an awesome Australian accent 😉 Loved this episode…side hustling is hard, but consistency and making the small chunks of time work periods are so darn important. Love you guys!

  2. The Jerry McGuire reference made me LOL. If my 9-5 had fish, I’d totally take it too!!! Thank you for talking about this because I think that having something to do outside of your 9-5 is one of the most important things in someone’s life.

    Keep doing what you do. You two rock!

    • Thanks so much, Amber! Love having you around these parts wit us 🙂

      And could not agree more on the whole “having something outside of your 9-to-5” – it’s SO crucial!


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