How Every Solopreneur Can Profit And Build Peace Of Mind During The Holidays

How Every Solopreneur Can Profit And Build Peace Of Mind During The Holidays

Running your business effectively as a solopreneur during the holidays while managing yourself, your family, travel, and more can feel like doing multiple Tough Mudder obstacle runs back to back. It ain’t easy!

Have you ever felt like the holidays took you for a ride on a candy cane tornado, and then abruptly spit you during the first week of January?! I have!

There you are. It’s the New Year. Some solopreneurs are dancing around with unicorns, giddy about their new goals, and all the actions they’ve already taken… and yet…

  • You find your emotional resilience at an all time low.
  • Your New Year’s planning sessions didn’t happen (or weren’t as extensive as you wanted).
  • Your bank account took a bigger hit than expected.
  • You want to feel inspired and be in action for the New Year, and yet you’re craving a full week off to recover. (As if that’s even possible.)

This year, instead of the holidays crushing you… how about you crush your holidays?!

Sound good? Here are three game-changing questions for you to answer, along with actionable tips, so you can start January 1st focused, organized, and inspired.

Crushing Question #1 

What actions can I take now that I will thank myself for later? 

In order to crush the holidays, solopreneurs should pick one or more of these methods to apply:

  1. Delegate more than usual right now. You know those little tasks you hang on to? Delegate them. Step away from Canva or your digital churros of choice, muster up your best version of “Let It Go” from Frozen, and delegate those tasks. Like. Today.

  2. Work extra now. To create more margin later in December, it may be best to put in some extra hours sooner than later. Maybe it’s getting up two hours earlier, or working extra in the evenings. You’re a solopreneur so make it work for you.

  3. Communicate your plan to those closest to you. This includes your significant other, children, and the key support people in your life. A little support from several people can add up to huge breakthroughs.

  4. Say NO to whatever is not serving you. This could be a mix of people, conversations, events, distractions, and elements of your work. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Skip the Ugly Christmas sweater party this year. Position your holiday season to be more on your terms.

  5. Skip lines and avoid stores as much as possible. Yes, I know that Target is calling your name… but you don’t have to answer. 🙂  Place online orders more than usual, so you buy back some time and emotional bandwidth.

  6. Give yourself permission to put certain projects “on the shelf”. Meaning, don’t touch them until January. Those handful of items that have been on your To-Do List since August? Why put pressure on yourself to finish them now?

  7. Focus on your highest ROI activities. Let’s face it. We should be doing that 24/7/365. 🙂

Crushing Question #2

How can I plan to build and maintain peace of mind during the holidays? 

Holidays can be cray cray, especially for solopreneurs. To create a different outcome for the upcoming holidays, you have to think, act, and behave differently. By nature, this season always brings up new feelings and/or feelings that have never been felt and/or confronted. Buried feelings never die. Ignoring emotions and feelings is a game of fools. Avoiding and repressing are sure-fire ways to get crushed by the holidays. 

Although nobody can plan for everything. You can anticipate what may come up for you. Does your great aunt who has never said no to a donut in her life always bring up your weight? Do your “follow the rules” in-laws think it’s crazy you’re an entrepreneur and make snarky comments? Consider what has happened before that triggered you at worst, or pulled you out of the present at best. Explore how to respond (or not) in order to stay in integrity and maintain peace of mind.

Emotion Strategist, Rachel Freemon-Sowers, has this to share on the topic: “Your only job is to know yourself, how you want to be, and how you want to interact. You cannot control anything else. Create a plan that allows you to walk away from any experience with your integrity and soul intact.” Can I get a “woot woot” for that wisdom please?!

Crushing Question #3

What changes can I make so the holidays are more user-friendly and healthier for me?

Years ago, I used to visit my sister in LA for a week every Thanksgiving. OK. Not LA. It was San Dimas. Yeah, as in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! After two years, it was not working most excellently for me. I felt disjointed and distracted after just a few days of being there. (Hello bad mood!)

The third year, before going, I made a few key requests in advance. She worked on a college campus at the time, so go with me on this. I asked for access to the music room so I could play the piano, which I never got to do as much as I wanted. I asked for access to the weight room so I could work out. I asked for the gym key so I could play basketball. I also said I wanted a small TV in my bedroom. Despite being an avid reader, I wanted to veg out a little alone sometimes during my stay. 

The result? I was more energized and focused. More importantly, I was more present! I was able to engage in conversations with more heart, be more loving, and be more giving. Talk about a huge win/win!

Granted, maybe where you’re staying doesn’t have all those options. However, consider where you will be and what unique or interesting options are available.

So this is what every solopreneur should ask themself…

What can you do to make the holidays more user-friendly and healthier? 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Decide which boundaries will best serve you and commit to maintaining them. Maybe it’s only checking email on certain days. Maybe it’s a 20-minute walk in the mornings. Maybe it’s being in bed by 10:30 pm. You do you!

  • Change the length of your stay, or how long someone stays with you and your family. You know when you hit that point of “Ok, this has been fun, but…?” That’s your sign! For me, I can’t stay with certain family for over two weeks. It’s too much. I love them, yet being out of my element for that long is challenging. Seven to twelve days is my sweet spot. What’s yours?

  • Make clear requests for what you want and/or need. This could be anything from certain groceries, a schedule, activities, visiting a local gym, access to something or a certain place or anything that will empower you.

The Crushing WrapUp

Approaching the holidays this way may feel a bit uncomfortable or awkward. You’re putting yourself out there in a new way, and making requests that perhaps you’ve never made before. Maybe you’re thinking, “Sounds great, but you don’t know my family.”

Keep this in mind: It’s not about being selfish. It’s about self-care. 

Are you willing to support yourself and advocate for what you need as a solopreneur? 

Self-care is not even about you. The healthier you are, the more you can love, give, and make a difference in the lives of others and in your business this holiday season.

Self-care helps us produce value. You sell value. What’s a by-product of value? Money! See the connection? Pretty sweet huh? 

Here’s to YOU crushing your business this holiday season!

Thanks for reading.

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