What It Actually Takes To Build a Successful SAAS Business with Michael Kelly

What It Actually Takes To Build a Successful SAAS Business with Michael Kelly

Have you ever considered branching out of the online course/membership site/coaching world and trying something different in your online business?

Something supremely scalable?

Something exit-able?


(See what I did there? *chuckles to herself*)

If you’re sitting there nodding your head at your screen, I think you’re going to dig today’s episode.


Because today we’ve got the creator of MemberVault (and fellow Screw U member), Michael Kelly on the show  to talk about what it really takes to build a successful SAAS business…in less than 2 years!

What’s more is Michael has built this software alongside his wife, Erin (without killing each other) while also travelling across the country in an RV with their toddler in tow.

Yeah. They’re basically nomadic superstars!

So what has their journey looked like and what has been some of their biggest lessons along the way?

Scroll on up this page, hit play and let’s dive in!

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • How Member Vault is changing the online content creation game
  • How Michael and Erin came up with the idea for MemberVault and got the first iteration up in a weekend
  • What was Michael’s biggest struggle getting MemberVault out there online
  • Why “grit” is one of Michael and Erin’s not-so-secret entrepreneurial weapons
  • The importance of listening to your customers’ criticisms
  • How to mesh “scratching your own itch” with what the market really wants
  • The power of staying flexible in your business

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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