5 effective ways to implement the broken link building technique

5 effective ways to implement the broken link building technique

SEO specialists are used to reaching out to webmasters in order to increase the number of quality backlinks their site has. Although it’s such an uncertain process. There’s not much influence we have after we’ve emailed. We just have to cross our fingers and wait for a response. However, there’s an effective link building technique that ensures high-quality backlinks. It’s a little complex, but trust me it’s worth the time and effort. The technique is the “Broken link building technique.

This technique requires deep researching and a keen eye, but the efforts are totally worth your while. Here are the most effective ways you can implement variations of the broken link building technique to improve the ranking of your site. 

Revamping old content on high DA sites: 

Revamping outdated content on high DA sites is the most used and simple broken link building technique. It’s the easiest technique to implement. Find old content related to your niche and reach out to the webmaster asking if you can revamp the content. In my experience, no one actually says no to free help, because it benefits both parties. 

How can you find old content?

 Go to Google and insert your keyword into the search bar. In my case, it’s Cox cable, and then go to “tools” select “Anytime” and select “Custom Range” from the drop-down. Select the date and you’ll find old pieces of content. Analyze them and see which modifications can be made. Look at the anchor text. If an anchor text points to dead link, you can also reach out webmaster to alter that link and add yours instead.

Broken link building through expired domains:

This is the most under utilized, but effective broken link building technique. Instead of looking around for backlinks, you can utilize expired domains with high metrics for quality backlinks. To be honest I find it more effective and easier than other methods because not asm any people are doing it.

You can find several high quality expired domain sites. I use Expired domains, Godaddy, Flippa, and fresh drop. On each site there will be lots of expired domains, but not every domain is valuable. Domains are only valuable if they have the following three factors:

  • High-quality backlinks
  • Great optimization 
  • Good domain rating

If the domain has the above three factors it can help you create a strong backlink. After finding a valuable domain, all you have to do is buy it and point its DNS server to your website. It’s as simple as that and you’ve gained a high-quality backlink. 

Wikipedia broken Link building technique: 

Wikipedia is an online free Encyclopaedia created and edited by volunteers from around the world. It contains thorough data with references. Most searches you make, will show a Wikipedia result in the top 10. Finding dead links in Wikipedia can be tricky, but there are shortcuts. For example, Wikipedia itself has a page that shows all the dead pages. Wikipedia is very clear about the dead links. When you search for something and it has a dead referral link, Wikipedia will show it clearly. 

You can also search about broken Wikipedia links trough Wikigrabber. All you have to do is search your keyword on Wikigrabber, and it’ll do the rest. Wikigrabber will find you the broken links related to your keyword.

Now all you have to do is reach out to the webmasters and ask them to replace the dead link with yours. You can also find dead links by using Google search queries. 

Moving domain method: 

There are several websites that have shifted to another domain. However, the articles which are included in those websites are still using the old domain name. All you need to do is identify those websites or links that have been moved and offer your link instead. It’s quite similar to the old content revamping technique we discussed earlier. 

You can use brand news to seek such links. Brands like share changes they are making. When SEOmoz changed to Moz, I used it for my benefit and created strong backlinks from the old piece of contents. 

Utilize Ahrefs to find broken links: 

You can also use Ahrefs to find broken links to a particular website. Ahrefs is an amazing SEO tool that provides you end-to-end information about a website. It analyses the websites for you and shows you everything about the backlinks, traffic, keywords, everything. You can analyze websites in your niche through Ahrefs to make quality backlinks.

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