[EP 112] How To Deal with Friends and Family Who Don’t Get Your Business

[EP 112] How To Deal with Friends and Family Who Don’t Get Your Business

We’ve got something that’s gunna get you right in the feels today.

Because if there’s one thing you love more than your business… it’s your friends and family.

Your people, right?

There’s just one problem.

Your Passion and your People… they ain’t exactly pals.

And it’s a pain you know all too well.

I mean, you have this whole new entrepreneurial life opening up…

And you’re probably screamin’: “I got this kick-ass business! I’m killing it! Everything is changing!”

You’re just hoping for some fist pumpin’ warm and fuzzies from family and friends, and basking in business badassery with your besties.


But let’s be real…

When it comes to sharing your passion with your favourite people…

You often get tumble weed’ed on.

You often get an enormous, ugly, awkward turtle to wrestle into submission.

You often get blank stares and difficult questions.

And eventually, someone changes the topic…

Which is usually followed by a gut wrenching moment of despair, when you realize:

“Holy crap… they just don’t get it!”

We know this is a HUGE, very personal issue for you.

It has been for us, too.

And it hurts.

Your people don’t dig your passion.

So panic sets in.

But hold up!

We’ve got your back!

And we’re breakin’ down exactly how to deal with loved ones that don’t understand you.

We’re even spelling out how to own your business vibe, and find your badass tribe!

Together, we’ve got this.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Feel like your loved ones… don’t get it? We’re breakin’ down why!
  • Why you need to make boundaries your bitch!
  • Know when to zip it! What you should and shouldn’t bother explaining
  •  Loved ones giving you a negative vibe? Do this!
  • Blank stares and awkward questions? Why you need this one thing!
  • How to ‘find your people’

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2 thoughts on “[EP 112] How To Deal with Friends and Family Who Don’t Get Your Business”

  1. This is so funny because this is what I’m going through right now. I stop sharing what I do until I get asked what I do yet they still don’t get it. They don’t understand Online Affiliate Marketing. I just tell them I promote products and earn commissions. That’s it! The most popular question I get asked is that how much do I earn per hour or per month. And they don’t understand that the money is not fixed. lol They don’t understand that having an online business / website is also stressful because I am constantly worried about being hit by google’s updates. Also, people think that this job is so easy that I just sleep the whole day or do nothing. lol


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