[EP 57] Amy Porterfield Answers: What is the Best Way to Grow My Email List?

[EP 57] Amy Porterfield Answers: What is the Best Way to Grow My Email List?

Let’s keep it real here for a sec…

There are a LOT of things that are pretty damn crucial to running a business online. 

The biggest one?


And not just customers, but the relationship you create with them.

So how can you lock that relationship in with them in a way that feels organic and not like you’re just out to sell to them?

Email ’em.

I mean, think about it: Email is one of the most intimate ways we communicate online and not everyone likes to fork over their email address to just anyone.

In fact, most of us guard it with our lives.

So how can you start to build a list full of raving fans that not only love what you and your business are all about, but are also willing to open their wallet and spend one or two *cough* hundred bucks with you?

To answer that we brought the Queen B of FB, Amy Porterfield, back on the show to give us and our listener, Jason her best list building tips.

Eager to grow your email list full of people who actually give a damn about what you’re trying to do online?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Amy answers the question, “What is the single, most effective way to grow your email list when you’re just starting out?”
  • How to use lead magnets to grow your list quickly
  • Why you need to make list-building a serious priority in your business
  • How to use social media to maximize your lead magnet results

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