Best Affiliate Networks in 2018 That Aren’t Amazon Or CPA Only

Best Affiliate Networks in 2018 That Aren’t Amazon Or CPA Only

You know how most lists like this tend to be way outdated and when you click on some of the links, they go to sites that no longer exist?

Or more specifically when you see a list of the best affiliate networks, they tend to include sites that only house junk CPA offers.

Well, that ain’t what we’re all about here.

So below I’ve gone and ranked the top 10 best affiliate networks this year that aren’t Amazon and who only offer reputable merchants for you to promote.

Here’s the criteria we used to score them:

  • Range of affiliate programs (including how often new ones become available)
  • Quality of affiliate programs
  • Ease of setup and usability
  • Search functionality (including what data they provide)
  • Customer support
  • Payout structure

Enough said, here is our current top 10 list of the best affiliate networks this year.

1. Shareasale

Best affiliate network

Shareasale: A lot of people may disagree with me that this network but I don’t care because I think they’re great.

I’ve had an account at Shareasale now for over 10 years and even though they may not contain the largest range of affiliate programs, I always seem to find gold when I search through their database.

For anyone looking to get started with affiliate marketing, your first step should be to sign up for an account at Shareasale.

2. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant: Formerly Commission Junction these guys have probably the widest range of programs to choose from today.

Their best feature however, is the accuracy of the data they provide.

I really like the fact they update their new advertisers often when you sign into your account as well. See below.

Occasionally you’ll find some gold sitting in this list.

3. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing: Again like CJ they have a huge range of programs to choose from in a whole host of different industries.

The only difference to be however is the usability is a little more wonky than CJ and sharesale.

4. Clickbank

Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank: These guys used to be known just for selling information products, however they now also focus on software solutions and physical products like health supplements.

If you’re just starting out, again I recommend signing up to Clickbank right away.

5. Flex Offers

Flex Offers

Flex Offers: Again this network has a lot of great offers to choose from.

They also assign you a dedicated affiliate manager that can answer all your questions. Occasionally you’ll find some real gold in their network, especially when you take a look at new offers.

6. RevenueWire


RevenueWire: A fairly recent affiliate network, but quickly becoming very popular.

This year they’re starting to acquire a lot of great advertisers so it’s a good time to sign up for an account.

7. PepperJam Network

PepperJam Affiliate Network

PepperJam: Another great network, PepperJam offers relatively high commissions from their advertisers.

They have a lot of great brands to promote plus they make it nice and easy to get setup with an account.

8. AvantLink

AvantLink Affiliate Network

AvantLink: One of the best affiliate networks over the last decade, these guys offer a professional service and some of the best advertisers on the market.

They work mainly in the US, Canadian and Australian markets.

9. TradeDoubler

TradeDoubler Affiliate Network

TradeDoubler: Another network that’s easy to sign up to. The only thing is these guys work mainly with UK based advertisers.

If that works for you then great, otherwise if you don’t work in the UK then they may not be a good fit.

10. TradeTracker

TradeTracker Affiliate Network

TradeTracker: Another European only network. If you’re looking to get into the overseas market, then both TradeDoubler and TradeTracker are the 2 best options.

They have a lot of top brands in their database well worth promoting.

Have A Suggestion?

Know of an affiliate network that should be added to this list?

Drop it in the comments below and we’ll update it as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading.

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