[EP 34] 6 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

[EP 34] 6 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Let’s cut to the chase here: When you first decide you want to start building a business online, you need to have a way to make money.

Because if you don’t have a way to make money, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

And while hobbies are nice and all, we ain’t in the business of devoting all our time and effort to them.

So if you know you want to build something you love online, but aren’t exactly sure how to monetize that dream of yours click that play button and allow us to break down 6 of the easiest ways we know of to make money with your online efforts.

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 Words of Wisdom from This Week’s Episode:

  • The many different types of digital programs and products you can create online
  • Why digital products are the bee’s knees for making passive cash
  • The first product Josh ever created and sold online – this one might shock you!
  • One of the easiest ways to package your knowledge from your 9-to-5 and sell it online
  • How packaging and selling your services can create your ideal lifestyle
  • How public speaking can fit into your business
  • The one monetization strategy we used to make our first 6 figures online…outside of the Screw
  • How to use affiliate marketing in your personal brand
  • How hosting live events can make you money – and our call for validation
  • Selling physical products and how to make that work without manufacturing your own products
  • Josh’s plans for 2015

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7 thoughts on “[EP 34] 6 Simple Ways to Make Money Online”

  1. You guys are a lot of fun. Time for me to bust a move and get this jam started. Thanks for the motivation and kick in the pants. Looking forward to your live events too. Laters! Chuck

  2. I love your photography on your blog posts. It is amazing how those visuals make you want to listen to your podcasts! Especially when it is wet and cold in New Zealand.

  3. Hello Jill,

    Many people are dreaming about making money online. But in my opinion most of them are simply looking for shortcuts to a better life. There’s nothing wrong about making things happen in a quickest way possible (as long as those efforts are harmless). Unfortunately people are often missing real reason’s behind their actions.Thank you and I really appreciate you sharing your personal experiences.

    Try to see the attached image below, I hope this would help you.

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  4. good points
    recently i started to use sites like koocam, and i definitely will perform some of those tips
    thank u, very nice article.


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