3 Ways To Build Connection And Community Around Your Brand

3 Ways To Build Connection And Community Around Your Brand

Do you want 2020 to be your best year in business yet?

I know I do! 

That is why I am focusing heavily on continuing to build real connections with my audience and creating community around my brand. 

You see we all crave a sense of connection and belonging. It’s what fuels us as human beings. 

Seems like common sense, right? 

Well, unfortunately, common sense isn’t always common. 

And far too often we hear about brands that just don’t get it!!

Do you remember the Lululemon sheer pants debacle

I mean how could we forget when CEO Chip Wilson said the pants weren’t designed for certain womens’ bodies which was causing the sheerness.

How about United Airlines making headlines for dragging a customer off the plane after overbooking their flight?


And I’m sure we’ve all experienced walking into a retail store where we weren’t acknowledged. Not even a hello. 

Now if you’ve experienced this I want you to remember how that made you feel.

Probably not very good, right?

Like..maybe this business doesn’t care if I stay or if I go. Perhaps you felt invisible.

Well, let me tell you that our audience isn’t settling for this anymore either because market sophistication is high. 

Meaning it’s a buyers market. They have options and lots of them. If we don’t step up our game our audience is going to buy from someone else. 

It’s that simple!!

That is why I am sharing 3 ways you can start building that connection and community around your brand right now.

1. Deliver Value that gets Your Audience Quick Wins

We are conditioned to want results as quickly and easily as possible. 

Do you agree?

That is why it’s imperative to help your audience create quick wins before they ever invest in your product or service. This will not only get them feeling good, it will build that know, like, and trust factor uber quick. 

And you and I both know people buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. 

So, how can you help your audience create quick wins?

This doesn’t have to be super complex. In fact, you want to keep it simple. 

The way I do this is by identifying the number result my audience wants, and I break it down into micro wins.

For example, if your audience is struggling to build a highly engaged audience on social media you might want to give them three quick ways to write social captions that get shared. 

And when they start experiencing their content being shared it’s going to make them happy, but more importantly, they’ll trust you know what you are talking about.

Now, this is just an example of how you might create those quick micro wins for your audience. You’ll want to identify the number one result your audience wants, and the quickest way you can help them achieve a micro win that is aligned with your products and/or services.

2. Get them Involved Early On To Build Community

As I mentioned above your audience wants to feel like they belong, and the easiest way to do that is getting them involved in your business early on. Now, this doesn’t mean you build and grow your business based on everything they want and say. 

You’re still the visionary of your business. Ultimately the final decision is up to you, but getting your audience involved is a great way to build that connection and community around your brand.

Here are some examples of ways you can do that:

  • Recognize members of the month who are showing up and engaging in your communities. 
  • Invite them to be part of a photoshoot for stock images you’ll use in your marketing.
  • Ask their opinion on locations for your next retreat.
  • Get them to vote on the cover design of your new book.
  • Use your audience as guest experts in your communities, on your podcast or blog.

These are just a few examples to help you spark some inspiration. Now it’s up to you to get creative and brainstorm ways you can get your audience involved.

3. Focus on Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences To Build Connection

Creating exceptional experiences that show your audience that you see and hear them is vital if you want to build a community of raving fans.

Something we all want, right?

Personalizing their experience is one of the best ways to start. People love hearing their name or seeing it written on a piece of paper. But they also want to feel like the product or service was designed specifically for them.

Something that is a challenge in a highly automated world. I get it!! But there are brands crushing it so there are no excuses. 

For example, have you heard of the brand Persona?


It’s a monthly subscription to vitamins. Seems boring I know. But they’ve made ordering vitamins pretty cool. 

Customers take a quick quiz, and Persona personalizes each order based on the customers’ age, gender, their health needs, and whether they are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant. Also, each packet has the customers first name on it. 

I mean, it’s brilliant if you ask me. 

So how can you personalize your audiences’ experience in a highly automated world? 

Here are a view things that I’ve used in my biz that my audience loves:

  • Personalized videos welcoming them to my programs.
  • Sending snail mail with handwritten notes and gifts. 
  • Quick little surveys when they sign up for my email list asking them what they hope to learn and how I can best help them.

The more you can give your audience an experience where they feel SEEN and HEARD the more success you’ll have in your business. And the more you’ll create a community of raving and loyal fans. 

Who in return, will promote and sell your products and services for you. Client testimonials, referrals, and word of mouth marketing is where it’s at my friend.

I hope this has inspired you to focus on creating real connections with your audience and sparked some ideas for how you can build a highly engaged community.

I’d love for you to share your biggest takeaway below! And how you plan to take action in your biz.

Thanks for reading.

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