3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Your Business From Growing

3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Your Business From Growing

WARNING: This article might be a little bit triggering. Okay, you might get triggered A LOT, but if you want your business to grow, you’ve gotta take an honest look at your role in helping or hurting your situation. Most entrepreneurs that never make it to the 6 figure mark are accidentally sabotaging their biz. They don’t realize they are carrying around these 3 limiting beliefs that keep their business from growing. Are you carrying them, too?

Limiting Belief #1: “I can handle it.”

Ooh. Uuch. I’m cringing just thinking about this one because I’ve said it 100x or more! I finally stopped saying this limiting belief when I realized how many hours I was wasting on tasks that didn’t fuel my passion.

As an entrepreneur, we start our business while cheering the mantra “I’ll make it my own way!!!” So when our business grows, it’s hard to accept that we can’t handle everything ourselves because we’ve been doing it by ourselves since the beginning of time.

As the owner, you’re a valuable resource in your business. So valuable in fact that you can’t waste your precious time and expertise on trivial tasks that bring your vibe down.

Focusing on what you do best is essential, and I’ll bet what you do best probably don’t include admin tasks. Sure you’re capable of that, but spending time and energy on projects that don’t light you up inside only lead to overwhelm and burn out. If you are completely maxed out on time, your business won’t grow because you’ll have no energy for what you DO love, which is pioneering the f**k out of your industry.

You’ve also got to realize that (shocker) you don’t know it all. You can’t handle or learn everything. Truth bomb: You will never be 100% trained in every aspect of your business. So let’s throw the limiting belief that you can be outta the window!

Listen to me: You will need help. Let go of the reigns. If you don’t let go, you are telling the Universe you want to limit your business. If you hold onto the limiting belief that you must control every aspect of your biz, you only attract as many clients as you can personally handle. Now how is the business going to grow if you can only handle a certain amount of clients? See my point?

So yeah, you CAN handle it…up to a point. The real question is, “Should you handle it?” Probably not.

Limiting Belief #2:  “I don’t like risks.” 

What’s funny is that when entrepreneurs start their business, it’s a perceived risk. There’s no proven data it will work. They are just following their passion. But when their business grows, they think it was a magic miracle that they survived in the first three years, and they don’t want to jinx it by making any changes.

Really? Come on.

At some point, you’ve gotta grow. Keeping your business the same, year after year, will leave you feeling stagnant and bored AF. Your entrepreneurial passion will turn into a fading ember instead of stoking that sh*t to a full-blown inferno.

Get real comfortable with the uncomfortable. When we grow, we have growing pains, so of course you’re gonna break through some old structures and limiting beliefs which can be scary and put you way out of your comfort zone. That’s a good thing.

Remember, you started this business, which seemed risky. Now, you need to nurture it and give it what it needs as it grows up in this world. That can feel risky too, but no one likes helicopter parents. Are you being one to your business?

One of the tips I have for you is to surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs. When things feel scary, they’ll give you their honest perspective. Being around a network of super successful business owners can help inspire you and help you feel supported when you are making big changes.

If you want to keep playing it safe, you will continue to play it small. (And playing it small is a limiting belief that you can’t play smart or play big.) Follow your Intuition toward your next steps when they feel scary. Do a quick gut check. As long as you want to grow your business for the right reasons, and you feel a “yes” in your gut, what are you waiting for?

Limiting Belief #3:  “I don’t have the time to implement new ideas.”

“Oh okay. Let’s just keep things status quo then,” said no business owner ever! 

Entrepreneurs have ideas all. day. long. In fact, most suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome. (The struggle is real.) But here’s the deal: unless you actually take aligned action on your amazing idea, your business isn’t going to change. 🤯

I’m not saying to implement all of your ideas at once because that would be a chaotic f’ing mess, but you do have to create space to implement them. If not, in three years you’ll have a list a mile long of ideas you never implemented clogging up your Google Drive.

As I’ve already mentioned, you need support. Get support in place to help you implement the new ideas because you can’t do everything by yourself, right?

As business owners, we have to take control of our schedules. We get so wrapped up in the daily tasks to check off our list, that we forget to create space on the calendar for our vision. Yep, we have a big f’ing vision and that’s why we are called Visionaries.

Bottom line: You’ve gotta create space to fill up that vision. You are a big deal. You have big dreams and you need big space to fulfill them.

Are you creating space for them? If not, here’s a recipe for how to do it:

Look at your calendar.

Identify  3 tasks that don’t light you up inside. 

Delegate them. 

Remove them. 

Add time to nurture new ideas.

Easy, right? Okay, enough truth bombs for now…but If I didn’t tell you the truth, you might not kick those 3 limiting beliefs that keep your business from growing to the curb. Remember, the world wants to see your business shine.

Thanks for reading.

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